French Acadian Culture Industry

French acadian customs have become quite Insular with poverty and massive social divide.

French Acadian Culture Industry
French Acadian Heritage Patrimonial Industry

A growing

Mainstream tourist brochures portray French-speaking dialect locals as being known for being quint rural folk in Nova Scotia. They follow a unique lifestyle, including customs and traditions passed down for generations.

Meaning they have become quite Insular with poverty, drugs, alcohol abuse and a massive social divide.

French language divide in times of change

50% of acadian homeland types are kind, gentle people with empathy and altruism.

The other 50% are snide and sinister-syndicated franco cajun gossip columnist bastards with two faces, infested with the soul-cannibalizing wetiko virus endemic in the French settlement.

The culture is Part of the heritage patrimonial industry and its link to tourism.

Intervener shatters Silence of Acadians: CTV News Faces Accusations of Francophobic Exclusion while CRTC Sleeps.
Contemporary Artists Shatters Silence of Acadians: CTV News Faces Accusations of Francophobic Exclusion while lazy CRTC staff sleeps.

Intervener shatters Silence of Acadians: CTV News Faces Accusations of Francophobic Exclusion while CRTC Sleeps.

The big ones are Congrès Mondial Acadian, FANE, FeCANE, and the littlest Mini me version one, Association Acadian de Clare, all with cheap rinky dink websites that have mission statements that claim to promote and develop artists in the communities when, in fact, and truth, it is the opposite with Acadian exiles having to move away to speak their truth.

It is a deport Acadians with talent, zombie culture corporations that provide jobs with titles and money in the back pocket of the phony bastards who run them.

Arrogant Nova Scotia bastards accountable to nobody

Nathalie Robichaud just resigned from FéCANE president only to end up vice president of the CMA2024, with her local clic in Clare doing nothing, as the FANE contact us website page; their contact us page goes oops, that page does not exist when you try to get a message to them.

Tired Acadian history nobody is interested in

New Acadian Culture-Fleurir-en-musique-Baie-Ste Marie news
Reviving Acadian Culture Through Music: Fleurir en Musique Ambitious Project in La Baie Ste Marie

Just rhetorical southwestern Nova Scotia circle games of self-serving phony baloney peddling Acadian flag-waving bastards, doing nothing for the visual artists from the Acadian communities. Yet promoting 1/2 ass no talented musicians singing, we're proud to be Acadians, year after year.

Contemporary modern visual artist Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-lifestyle continues to call them out on Google's first page, and they still do not move.

Nova Scotia French Acadian artist MBF-Lifestyle on its own blockchain-Divide Nordic Visual Narrative

Both France and Baton Rouge get a piece.

Too busy forcing nonexistent La caddie trade deals with its twin francophone community Church Point, Louisiana.

To preserve Cajun culture. It's the same Zombicadian business model of producing government financed nothing acadian heritage in Cape Breton Island,

Northern New Brunswick, Université de Moncton, Louisiana State University Press. Endless Grand-Pré Grand Dérangement reenactments in poetry and music, while 60 million people are currently in displaced deported plight because of La maudite de guerre, which happens to be the most significant industry in the world.

And French-speaking French acadian regions in the maritime provinces and southern Louisiana do not give a dam.

First acadian premiere, what's his name?

I would love it.

Acadia study unmasking #1 true World Acadian Congress Agenda
Acadia of the Future: Unmasking the #1 true World Acadian Congress Agenda as the Heritage Patrimonial Industry Oligarch remain a walled garden

Its old European settlers in French settlements on Acadian lands from Annapolis Royal, Port Royal New France Grand-Pré, Ile Royal, île Saint-Jean, and île Royale.

Tired narratives are not interesting to young people because they are hundreds of years behind the relevant here-and-now times. The Acadian Renaissance youth of the region can only speak French for two sentences, defaulting to English, and none wave the Acadian flag on Nova Scotia Museum National Acadian Day because they do not care.

Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick

are the same old, same old.

The heritage patrimonial culture side of it is run by ten xenophobic Queer phobic racists, politically connected with provincial and federal powers and money.

The francophone community has witnessed the gradual destruction of their traditional French language due to a complete lack of inclusion in Halifax-centric Bell-owned and operated CTV Atlantic .ca and Saltwire/ Salty Dick media-owned Chronicle Herald.

All universities don't mention, let alone represent French Acadians. It's like we don't exist. Yet the most exciting and innovative contemporary Canadian artist collection is in Acadian culture, Ghosted by Autocrates.

Southwestern Nova Scotia acadian communities live in a cultural Gulag ghetto.

The time-tested Roman catholic religion has collapsed along with all sense of meaning to the place. A disproportionate amount of financial resources siphoned off to larger power bases, while the area lives in a socio-economic and social-cultural ghetto of poverty, drugs, and alcohol.

Part of the nobody at the wheel in times is witnessing the very collapse of meaning itself.

Yet the most interesting privately owned Contemporary French Canadian art collection is in a private location in the Baie Ste Marie region.

New England European settlers and Port Royal French settlement mix today

However, despite this, they remain resilient and feisty; self-representing contemporary artist Claude Edwin Theriault creates this path regarding current business opportunities using technology advancements.

Since he cannot get assistance from cultural organizations like FANE, FéCANE, or CMA2024, they have ghosted him for nearly 50 years because of his Queer artistic voice and nothing.

Grand dérangement national anthem and Hillbilly Canada

Fragmented 3D Clicks & Clans-So-near-yet-so-distant-and-separate-One Conquers while the Other Defends Nouvelle-Ecosse Fort Inverted Cube

Since they give all their love to hillbilly musicians and non to any visual artist, let alone a Queer and innovative one, actively communicating with liberal, forward-thinking, un-inhibited Toronto press.

It is what Claude calls the Zombicadian future, with government committees producing nothing of value year after year while Claude delivers value daily. It is like the Atlas Shrugged book, where the ones with all the money and power have no morals or discounts, and the ones with all the morals and values have no control or money.

Acadian renaissance in mainland Nova Scotia

This is all Part of the lasting Jackie Vautour-inspired legacy of the French Acadian people. Despite hardships and lack of representation, and the enemy is within the Bastille de Charles D'Auley, the MBF-Lifestyle studio of Claude remains resilient and continues to be innovative in the face of current adversity.

A powerful example of his creativity and ingenuity can be seen through Claude Edwin Theriault, who has been able to carve out his success despite being ignored by mainstream Honkies as an example.

We can see what's possible when you have enough courage to speak your truth in the face of lies and insular deceit endemic in the executive councils of the big ten oligarch honkies.

Congrès mondial acadien convention fiasco coming to Atlantic Canada

The 2024 Claregyle is looming as another Acadian life disaster. Seven million dollars of provincial and federal money have been pumped into a project, and there is no Acadian convention infrastructure to show for it.

This is a Bernadette Jordan bait-and-switch money grab involving phony French language presidents, directors, and consultants who study and promote nothing to no one.

May as well have the British crown running the acadian population show New England British colonies style for as its worth to acadian people in mainland Nova Scotia

Acadians callout francophobic CTV News issues
Francophobic exclusion of Acadians at CTV News and its Halifax centric outdated programming

Artists Break the Silence of Acadians as CTV News Faces Accusations of Francophobic Exclusion

National Acadian Day is one day of visibility for the Canadian society.

3D-Vitruvian-Male-Nude-Cross-Bluenose-Isle Haute-Munit Haec et Altera Vincit

By calling out the Zombicadian culture, we can see a lasting, resilient, modernized version of the French Acadian culture in North America. That moves forward instead of always backward to the tune of hundreds of years past.

The Secret Order of Jacques Cartier speaks of how French Acadians were oppressed 70 years ago by English power. Now, the oppressing enemy is within, via the current bastards that run the French language patrimonial industry.

Via Congress Mondial Acadian 2024, Fecane, Fane, association national d'acadien, and the mini mouse Bastille Association Acadien de Care, modern-day honky Tour de Charles d'Aulney style, oppressing the most interesting Nova Scotia French acadian contemporary artist living today.

Church points to Louisiana Way Grand Dérangement style.

Claude Edwin Theriault MBF-Lifestyle collections on open sea is a shining example of how we can create our success and break away from these oppressive useless French presence honky bureaucratic systems by calling them out from the first page of Google.

Since Claude and Goose Lane's editions believe that the pen can be more potent than the sword and that ideas mainly written are the essential resource on this small planet, Yo`Bitch Honey.

Acadian descendants patron saint and la cadie

Mississippi Acadi,e sweet goddam

What exactly is the acadian heritage patrimonial industry?

Many mistakenly point to the so-called acadian community Patrimonial Industry as a source of pride and income in an otherwise fading community in mainstream Atlantic Canada.

Acadians lived through a civil war to get official languages, only to become the most underrepresented ethnic minority in Nova Scotia.

The Acadians are the descendants of French colonists who first settled in parts of modern Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island during the seventeenth century.

While there is a great sense of history associated with this population, its current contribution to the society of France is limited chiefly to folklore festivals and patron saint days observed each year by an ever-decreasing demographic of old Roman Catholics, with the Acadian festival president being more than just a queer-phobic racist.

Since the new TikTok national anthem, addicted youth are swept up in the endemic drugs and alcohol addiction from living in a socio-economic and socio-cultural gulag, get.

While the select ruling clique of 10 oligarchs runs the same old cookie-cutter, Evangeline Gabriel's grand pre-deportation grand derangement nova scotia Great Britain inspired proud and noble maritime heritage AGNS museum shit show again and again.

They walk around proud of their straight white queer phobic racist catholic selves and give no attention or word of reliance to visual artists asking to be included in the list of our artists from the bay. Only straight white roman catholic hillbilly musicians like Daniel Leblanc need apply.

Homophobic French Acadian Festival president Daniel Leblanc
Growing number of Clategyle resident callout for the resignation of the Xenophobic Homophobic French Acadian Festival president Daniel Leblanc

As for the industry itself, it's essentially made up of small, uninspired museums scattered across Atlantic Canada which showcase artifacts from generations past but lack any real economic impact on their respective communities.

These historic Acadian village institutions show poor, humble French Canadians wearing aprons, bonnets, and wooden clogs and living in huts with dirt floors, just like in the old days.

Visiting them is not worth the effort, and fewer and fewer tourists do; the historic acadian village admins have to cook the books to get more funding to keep going one more year.

If you're looking for more information on early French settlers, there are better places to go than this sagging-ass cultural representation. And it sure as hell doesn't constitute a booming economy or job market.

The place to go is to view the scandalous visual artwork the oligarch does not want you or anyone else to see since it is a modern contemporary reflection on the shifting tides of massive change coming for France and New France before Christmas Eve.

Will the heritage patrimonial industry ever change?

French Acadian Patrimonial Heritage Industry goes Kingsmen Blockchain on you.

You are right. It will! The heritage patrimonial industry will change, but probably in a different way than you might expect. For instance, consider the Acadian population in Nova Scotia - it has been around for hundreds of years.

With its descendants becoming a part of communities across Canada and beyond, Cajuns have kept their traditions alive through their shared cultural identity and pride. Many aspects of Cajun culture remain unchanged in Atlantic Canada; down the Louisiana Way, they are assimilated into the USA melting pot.

However, powerful forces are paving the way for changes to this historic industry. A prime example is Nova Scotia opening up to feature artifacts from Port Royal and other Acadian regions alongside other pieces from Indigenous nations of North America.

This initiative introduces new perspectives on what constitutes “Nova Scotia Museum Acadian population heritage,” it took immense Acadian community work to make it happen.

Rampant inadequate funds, environmental conditions, climate change, the massification of generic tourism, and poor acadian convention management and resources are the major conservation threats; you can only have phony posturing Grand-Pré bastards at the wheel for so long before they get purged.

While we can't predict precisely where such changes will lead us, there's no denying that the heritage patrimonial industry, in its current form, will no longer exist when this decade ends!

It is built on Web 2.0, and Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle is built on Web 3.0 Ethereum Blockchain, plowing them bitches and sons of bitches right under; it.

Remember, French Acadian Roman Catholic culture is rooted in colonialism, white supremacy and patriarchy and always has been. However, it shall not always be with change a comin' Honey.

The Ethereum blockchain network the Avatar collectible collection of Claude is built on is the platform of new money and power itself; the Grand-Pré, Annapolis royal, and the Université de Moncton types of Heritage patrimonial world do not stand a chance in the oncoming tsunami deluge that is sweeping the land as we speak.

French Acadian strength in unity and fraternity