FéCANE racist policy

Fecane has always had and still does have an active Racist Discrimination policy called Ghosting.

FéCANE racist policy
La Fédération culturelle acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse racism president Trevor Murphy

Fédération culturelle acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse (FéCANE)

Endemic Fecane Acadian racist policy, unlike CSAP, has a genuinely inclusive policy.

FéCANE modern day Tour de Charles de Menou D'Aulnay 

FéCANE has always had and still does have an active Racist Discrimination policy. For those who don't experience it, Racism is the sneaky little process by which systems and procedures, actions, and attitudes create inequitable opportunities and outcomes for people based on their being Queer.

Their discrimination takes one form; it's called ghosting.

Racism has been a long-standing policy for La Gulag Gang, from former president Nathalie herself, who suddenly resigned due to being called out as a Queerphobc racist. From a queerphobic incident with French Acadian president Daniel Leblanc in her office on a Thursday afternoon, October 2018.

She was suddenly replaced by Trevor Murphy, who is on the same Queerphobic racist page as Mme Nathalie Robichaud and Daniel Leblanc.Ambassadors des arts providing les arts et de la culture des organismes est plat come la organismes travaillant au développement de la communal du secteur de B.S.

It continues to play an integral part in the development and maintenance of the institutionalized systems of power in the dull and uninspired cookie-cutter Heritage and Patrimonial industry.

The entrenched Racism is more than just prejudice in thought or action of exclusion. It is handed down in all Atlantic culture, media, and higher learning institutions. From the DDS 2016 gentleman's club to CTV Atlantic.ca to Saltire's chronically horrid

Nova Scotia government financed the FéCANE GénieArts scam.

FéCANE racism policy Tour de Charles de Menou D'Aulnay style 

Trevor Murphy and his gang are Conservative, backward-thinking prudes who think they do not have to be accountable until you hold them responsible with SERP news on the first page of Google.

Ghosting is the new politically correct Racism du jour at La Fédération culturelle acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse since it's challenging to prove. The recent resignation of former president Nathalie Robichaud to the current xenophobic Queer phobic new president Murphy is the same song and dance.

It is systematic and endemic from CMA2024, FANE, Festival Acadian de Clare to Association Francophone and all media and university cultures in Atlantic Canada. Unlike Quebec and Ontario, which are more liberal, forward-thinking, uninhibited cultures, Atlantic Canada is the opposite and needs a fisting change.

Their patrimonial heritage industry brings together representative members of local pocketbooks that finance acadienne and francophone cultures as a development tool. With the same old festive Canadian heritage jigs and reels by Acadian musicians de Clare, only in the grand kitchen party of Arthur Comeau. While visual artists get no mention, let alone development help, until you Bitch loud enough from the first page of Google News.

Queer contemporary visual artist Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle is not asking for. He demands the inclusion of Visual artists to the list of Our artists from the Bay.

The artists from the Bay Area are lame, dull, uninspired musicians only who get all the love and support, while visual artists get none whatsoever.

Hence the callout for change; Trevor Murphy won an ECMA by default, not merit; the oh-so-politically correct ECMA honky organization had not dollars out one of those milk bones since 1999 Blu won. He has been waiting to be seen or heard from since.

Hence, the portal of entry for a xenophobic Queerphobic phony who cannot say two sentences in a row without defaulting to English. He is the president of an organization whose mission is to actively support the development of artists in the various French acadian communities.

Un trou dans le Acadian Home politics est une initiative lancée par la province Belliveau bien membré style.Pour promouvoir la culture acadienne et ses initiatives à travers le Nouveau-Brunswick, la Nouvelle-Écosse et les autres provinces maritimes. Cette initiative comprend des activités telles que Fécanes Géniearts Festives, des organisations provinciales et nationales ainsi que des groupes régionaux et nationaux. Ces activités visent à encourager l'inclusion de la culture acadienne dans tous les aspects de la vie politique du Nouveau-Brunswick.

When, in fact, they are just a phony, snooty-nosed oligarchy clique in need of a reboot to their fake, baloney mission statement agendas. Claude is currently in contact with the LGBT rep Olivia at Dalhousie to organize a 40-year-plus retrospective of his visual narrative artwork to add an actual queer factor to the somewhat dull and uninspired Disneyfied Halifax Gay pride weekend 2023.

Hence the callout to get real support for a change instead of in-your-face ghosting, meaning the one replies to every attempt to contact and work on a project that would deliver real value in a culturally inbred gulag ghetto of poverty, drugs, and alcohol that French acadian communities live in daily. While politically connected oligarchs rule and run the phony baloney Zombicadian corporation show.

Mississippi Acadie goddam

A French acadian culture that is always focussed on its anal-retentive, passive-aggressive past will never move forward.

FéCANE is a standing racism policy.

Un trou dans le Acadian Home politics cul des arts et de la B.S.

These are the type of inequities that Claude Edwin Theriault is asking to be addressed to support Atlantic Canadian artists in general, specifically Queer artists who tend to get ghosted by the phony, baloney patrician oligarchs. We must do better for our people, artists, and cultural well-being if we want an authentic and vibrant future for the French Acadian culture in Atlantic Canada.

Token National Acadian Day automatically makes your French fecane arts and Conseil culture not good, right?

Cultural representations Luc don et la fécane claim to strive to, in the travaillant directement au développement du rien, among other things, strengthen ties between Francophone, Anglophone, and government organizations butt-hole kissing skillsets Dans le secteur des arts et de le message de la pin molle.

Les acadien Hay Babies 2022?

Les Hay Babies is a band from New Brunswick that has become an essential part of the Canadian music scene. They formed in 2011 and have since released two albums, their self-titled debut album in 2014 and The Devil's Alright in 2016. Their sound draws on various musical influences, including folk, rock, country, and punk. With their strong melodies and heartfelt lyrics, they tell stories about life, love, and loss that many people can relate to. They are known for their energetic live performances, which feature guest artists. Yet, they have been off the radar since 2016

Radio Radio's au développement de la communauté catalog like tetage de »Pin Molle

Acadian Home Web 2.0 politics has been a force to be reckoned with. The Acadian culture is deeply rooted in Nova Scotia's cultural gulag ghetto. The fécane (or "Acadian spirit") is integral to the cycle of poverty, drugs, and alcohol. Essential to the select few 10-cool kids expressing their cultural identity and having their voices heard on the provincial, regional, and national levels. Through this Insular, ruling Honky Acadians can form regional and national organizations to promote their own personal, straight white Roman catholic culture and heritage agenda.