Wetiko mind-virus symbolism in contemporary art

In a world plagued by this evil of wetiko darkness, disconnection from the reality of life-affirming experience weighs heavily on billions across the globe.

Wetiko mind-virus symbolism in contemporary art
Wetiko mind virus in contemporary art

Wetiko stories often explore the tension between traditional and modern outer-world life. In many world histories, tales often reveal how cultural trauma can be inherited through generations and what happens when traditional societies and cultures worldwide come into contact with modernity.

In a world plagued by this evil of wetiko darkness, disconnection from the reality of life-affirming experience weighs heavily on billions across the globe. Unfortunately for us, those who should be leading have sorely failed to wake up and meet this challenge head-on, instead choosing economic growth as their sole solution. But with paradigm shifts like Universal consciousness, found in the Ethereum Digital Ledger - humanity is rising against what seems like bleak hope and marching into uncharted waters known only as the Metaverse.

A realm without flesh nor blood exists but one that will power our material world through our actions and serve to influence future generations' material world through the efforts of awareness alone.

Paul Levy's book helps us see the wetiko mind virus within us.

Amid disruptive times, an Indigenous-inspired artists' movement has emerged - aimed at tackling Wetiko: a malevolent force in our unconscious mind. This spirit encourages unwholesome impulses like greed and jealousy as it feeds off media-induced polarization and fear to cripple humanity's evolutionary potential. We must look for its cure within ourselves to combat this collective nightmare.

Humanity stands at a precipice, driven to the brink of destruction by an insidious sickness we can't see. But this plague isn't just some virus; it's spread with every act of poverty, environmental devastation, and war - all fuelled by our never-ending appetite for consumption. It lurks so deep inside us that most hosts are unaware they're infected, yet continue its spread without realizing their actions have consequences much more significant than themselves... locked firmly in business mode on the left-hand lane.


A massive collaborative art movement is mobilizing awareness of the Algonquin concept of Wetiko - a destructive mind virus threatening global destruction - into mainstream consciousness. This creative collective hopes humanity can identify and overcome its self-sabotaging impulse by connecting individuals with their inseparable relationship to other life forms. An ancient perspective asserting that we are only divided when our cultural DNA tells us so, Wetiko will be met by an equally powerful force dedicated to emphasizing unity across all lifestyles and ecosystems at every turn.

Totemic Mosaic Raven by Claude Theriault
Totemic Mosaic Raven Digital Art by Claude Theriault

In this way, Wetiko's symbolism in art reminds us that there is an undercurrent beneath the surface of our lives. This undercurrent weaves in and out of people. We can bring back balance in an otherwise chaotic world through collective action by being aware of it. Artists like Claude Edwin Theriault @MBF-Lifestyle weave a visual narrative that illustrates the forces that lie sleeping in the undercurrent of our lives.

Look to see antidotes for a world in transition.

Windigo never sleeps as it cannibalizes the soul, driving it with more greed with its insatiable, hungry ghost appetite.

Healing the Mind-Virus That Plagues Our World

Healing the virus that Plagues Our World starts with understanding what Wetiko is. Wetiko has left clear indicators of how extensive a spiritual virus is. The entire news media world as a whole has been impacting people all around the world for centuries, leaving clear indicators of its destructive power. As it has become more prominent in our culture, we must take steps to heal from its grasp. We can do this in many ways, such as through meditation, mindfulness, and connecting with our inner truth and intuition. We can also find healing by forming strong connections with others and creating supportive communities emphasizing love and compassion. Healing from wetiko requires us to look within ourselves and recognize how it has impacted us personally. By doing this, we can open ourselves up to new ways of thinking and being part of the collective shift.

Undreaming Wetiko: Breaking the Spell of the Nightmare Mind-Virus

Wetiko is a mind virus that spreads its power over us via events in our world, creating a nightmare scenario within the human psyche for many. It affects people's mental health and well-being, preventing them from living their best lives and seeing the world for what it is. To break the spell of wetiko, is it essential to recognize it and understand how it functions to be able to undo its effects? It is also necessary to develop self-awareness and empower oneself with knowledge about how the idea of the Wetiko epidemic works to be better prepared to face its challenges.


One can go about unlearning wetiko and breaking its spell in various ways. This includes learning new skills, engaging in activities that promote self-care, challenging toxic beliefs and behaviours, developing healthy relationships with oneself, others, and the environment, and cultivating compassion for all life forms. In this way, we can change Wetiko's narrative and create a brighter future for ourselves and those around us.

About Dispelling Wetiko There is a contagious psychospiritual disease of the soul, a parasite of the mind, currently being acted out en masse.

The term spirit of wetiko describes a contagious psycho-spiritual disease of the soul, a parasite of the mind, that short-circuits our ability to see things right. That has been acting out en masse on the world stage. This spread of wetiko culture has led to various negative consequences, such as increased violence, poverty, and mental health issues. Dispelling wetiko requires individuals to become aware of their beliefs and behaviours contributing to this destructive culture.

To successfully do so, people must commit to self-reflection and examine their motivations for engaging in activities or thinking patterns that perpetuate this disease of the soul. Additionally, it involves becoming aware of how our beliefs and behaviours affect others and taking steps to create more positive outside-world outcomes for all involved. Through dispelling wetiko, we can heal our collective trauma and create a better world for ourselves.

What is the wetiko psychosis Paul Levy refers to?

Wetikoo human psyche psychosis is a cannibalistic epidemiology spirit of mental illness that has been documented in some Indigenous North American cultures. It refers to a spiritual and psychological sickness affecting individuals and society. The psychosis is often described as an evil spirit or demon which can profoundly affect the person afflicted. Symptoms may include hallucinations, abnormal behaviour, paranoia, and even suicide. The effects of this illness have left the world mad; people cannot think clearly or make wise decisions, leading to chaos and destruction in the world and within our minds. This epidemic has been complex for researchers due to its spiritual nature, but it is becoming more widely recognized in current events in the medium of the outside world.

How can we not have a part of us that’s mad, living in a world gone mad, a world that is not separate from, but rather, a reflection of ourselves?

Sleeping Hades and the Caduceus Danser Muse Mantra

The world is not made to be like this; new events, both inner and outer, are symbolically there for us to live a sane life. Yet it is increasingly impossible not to have a part of us that’s mad, too. We can't escape the fact that the outer world events are symbolically a reflection of ourselves. We want to be able to see Wetiko in our daily lives and yet engage with this current world crisis in a meaningful way. We need to understand how our internal state is reflected externally and accept the chaos that comes with it. We must recognize the importance of connecting our innermost feelings to our external world and building something positive out of it. This can only happen when we become aware of our madness and use it to fuel growth and change. The challenge lies in recognizing the cannibalistic spirit madness within us, facing it head-on, and actively applying our understanding to engage in today's world.

Will Wetiko destroy us?

Voynich Code

No, it will not since light always prevails; it is a fact that the Wetiko virus manifests in the material world and is part of the history of these cultures of indigenous people, recognizing that the world has been present throughout deep patterns of world power shift history. It is the belief that specific actions and behaviours of individuals and groups can cause collective illness that flows profoundly. In this case, Wetiko refers to the destruction of our world brought on by unchecked greed, selfishness, and consumerism.

While it is true that humanity's behaviour has had an incredibly destructive impact on our planet, it is also true that we can make positive changes to create a more sustainable future. We must recognize the importance of collective healing and work towards restoring balance within ourselves and between ourselves and nature. Only then can we hope to overcome Wetiko before it destroys us.