Fédération acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse FANE

Founded way in 1968 by straight white roman catholic honkies, Fédération acadienne is the official spokesperson of the French Acadian culture en Nouvelle-Écosse. From Halifax centric 54 Queen Dartmouth suburb to la langue française et nowhere else.

Fédération acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse FANE
Fédération acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse FANE

Fédération acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse

Founded way in 1968 by straight white roman catholic honkies, Fédération acadienne is the official spokesperson of the French Acadian culture en Nouvelle-Écosse. From Halifax centric 54 Queen Dartmouth suburb to la langue française et nowhere else.

The French version is even more revealing.

This non-profit, there for the big honkin' wang paycheck organization, apparently assumes that they know the communities' needs to coordinate cooperation and partnerships among its member organizations and offer non-existing growth and global development programs and services that meet the acadian and francophone community needs. They are autocratic taking no account of other people's wishes or opinions whatsoever; because that is how they operate.

All except for Queer visual artists like Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle, who has been ghosted for over 50 years. Because Oligarchal bastards like Kenneth Deveau and his clique know what that dirty old Queer visual artist needs better than Claude does!

Just as endemic in the Xenophobic and Queerphobic realm of Trevor Murphy and his snotty-nosed FeCANE Ghosting clic of phony bastards up in the Bastille of Edouire teteur de Pin molle Honky chateau in Dartmouth, don't you know.

Federation acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse

Not only are their 29 regional, provincial, and institutional members sourced from a particularly narrow gene pool of straight white roman catholic prudes. However, their nonexistent services ensure that Acadians and Francophones receive french services and don't even come close to addressing services that meet their needs. Instead, their Agenda is a fake attempt to promote the growth and global agenda of nothing in the gulag francophone population of Nova Scotia going nowhere fast.

Fédération acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse FANE nobody home

A society that is proud and all; however, they cannot say two sentences in french without continually defaulting to an English word, sad but that is the TikTok-infested reality of all the socio-cultural gulag ghetto state of things these days. No wonder the Quebecois laugh at our cultural half and half linguistic inbreeding onto our extraordinary chiac selves.

Read up on the Ballad of Bernadin J. Comeau and see Feudal at work

Suppose FéCANE could figure out how to link some of those supposed resources of nothing; for community development with something delivering actual value to the real people involved. In that case, we might be making headway in getting tangible benefits to flow back into the global cultural development of the francophone population from here for a change.

Acadian is putting the phony in francophonie.

Shift in dull French Acadian Heritage Patrimonial Industry
The new Shifting Dynamics of Oppression in French Acadian Culture , where the enemy is now within via the corrupt academic bureaucrats.

Instead of it all being an Insular Oligarchal run clique of Bitches and the sons of Bitches that it is.Endemic in all the Academic power relations in Atlantic Canada.

Claude Edwin, long-standing "Modern Contemporary Queer Asperger NFT artist creator," calls out Franco Cajun culture FANE, calling it an exclusive clique of Oligarch of straight white bilingual roman catholic prudes with the same systematic patrimonial heritage agenda linked to tourism portrayals of bonnet apron-wearing peasants with wooden clogs living in dirt floor cabins year after year, hoping tourist will come and love it.

The same old cookie-cutter mindset of xenophobic Queerphobic Acadian festival president Daniel Le Prick Leblanc. Read it and weep bitch honey.

Francophone communauté acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse

While his Modern contemporary artwork is overlooked because he doesn't fit into their mold, he says that his work often portrays a beyond disneyfied LGBTQ point of view; it's Queer Asperger with all the brilliant creative genius that comes with mental health issues that come with being part of the Queer's Asperger spectrum.

Producing a visual narrative voice that is much more reflective of modern-day Acadie than the formulaic old archaic oligarch system and Venez vivre vote Acadie events formula of Patrimonial Heritage Tourism in theme parks like le village de Pubnico and Caraquet portraying us as bonnet, apron, wooden clog wearing hillbillies in cabins with dirt floors like in the old hard times in the Beep: suckin' Maritimes. Thinking tourists will come, the Fogo Island Inn charges $2400 /night to get a cultural experience of great food and excellent accommodation in a medium that delivers la Chris de Mondi de Paix.

Federation acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse et les Feudal Oligarch

It all needs to change from the current Musicians only lineup used to represent Our Artist from the Bay as the cultural identity of Acadie. Visual artists must be included so that they can represent all facets of its community rather than just the straight white part if it wants to continue thriving in Access Nova Scotia for us all; from now on and in the future.

Instead of the same old cookie-cutter B.S. from Les Chouchon Dingue. Who runs the rhetoric shit show of nothing but another government-financed Zombie corporation, producing: nothing of any value ever, year after year.

What does the federation do?

The jury is out on that one; they do not reply when contacted, and there seems to be nobody home, just direct deposits of provincial and federal money into their there for the en 1758 paycheck acadien bank accounts. It also has dynamic nothing. “This twinning agreement does not help promote economic ties between our two communities. It also does sweet dick to strengthen cultural and historical Grand réveil acadien activity connections; no one gives a sweet flying "Beep" about

Does the public know of the FANE?

Not at all, since all 30 years old and younger members of the various francophone community of la province de Nova Scotia have no clue or interest in the self-serving bastard clic. No one knows who these self-appointed delegates are or what they do. And the aging demographics are starting to see the light shine through the fake news or the global development of Zombicadian corporation of nothing Data speak style.

Like the Ghosting champion Vaughn Madden and her 7 million dollars no-show CMA2024 show.

If a culture always looks back on its past, it will never move forward.

Fédération acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse FANE