Acadian Festival Racist President Daniel Leblanc

French acadian festival has a homophobic racist president Daniel Leblanc, rumoured to be part of the local white nation supremacist chapter active in Gods country of south west Nova Scotia.

Acadian Festival Racist President Daniel Leblanc
French Acadian Fraternity
Sinister underworld of French Acadian secret order of Queerphobia

French acadian festival has a homophobic racist president Daniel Leblanc, rumoured to be part of  the local  white nation supremacist chapter active in Gods country of  south west Nova Scotia.

La version française est encore plus révélatrice

Acadian festival de Clare
Acadian festival Comté de Clare and Beer for Acadie Iguana Artistic and full time Xenophobic Queerphobic racist Director Daniel Leblanc lui-meme

Local LGBT are calling for his resignation, for his xenophobic Queer phobic words and actions. Dishonourable mention also goes to CMA 2024 Vice-Chair (Clare): Natalie Robichaud, Executive Director, Société acadienne de Clare; for her active support and encouragement of Queer phobia.

In October of 2018 local Queer visual artist walked  into  the office of Nathalie Robichaud , who was having a tete a tete moment with acadian festival president and pompous arsed cultural ambassador Daniel Leblanc. When Claude Edwin Theriault spoke  Daniel Leblanc he his turned up nose and turned his head 90 degrees away from Claude, since he does not look at or speak to dirty old Queer visual artist. All of of this in the office of Nathalie in her face and she says and does nothing, the word awkward streaming on her forehead like a teleprompter. And you may leave now Claude was the body language coming off of the two xenophobic queer phobic racist bastards that Nathalie Robichaud and  Daniel Leblanc are.

Hence the term Mississippi Acadie Goddam

The blatant we can do whatever we want attitude and ideologies of an old established heritage and patrimonial administering Oligarch honky bastards; has to stop, and it will. Since a word after a word after a word equals power, and there is a new world order that is in the process of plowing under the likes of the old established academic bureaucrates living in their bubbles of phoney partisan politics managing government zombie corporations that produce nothing, let alone produce value.

Like the modern contemporary artwork of Claude Edwin Theriault which produces therapeutic value to the ones who look at it without their ingrain prejudice. Something very ingrained in the  local south west nova scotia heritage patrimonial industry of straight white roman catholic prudes who steadfastly refuse to include visual artist onto the list of our artist from the Bay.

Whenever there is any cultural representations its the rappie pie and dull uninspired  gigs and reels ,that less and  less people are interested in. The entire youth culture of the region has all had their attention high jacked by smart phones and China based A.I . chat bots at Tik Tok, therefore how can an old cultural staple like the patrimonial heritage industry survive as the seniors demographics audience  shrinks daily.

It cannot and it will not, since modern contemporary visual artist voice are emerging and not asking but rather demanding dans ta face demanding inclusion. Instead of systematic exclusion from the likes of phoney two faced mask wearing bastards like Nathalie Robichaud and Daniel Leblanc and all of their don't ask don't tell politically connected cronies.

It is endemic from FANE to CMA2024 Association national d'Acadie , change or be prepared to be plowed under by emerging web3.0 platforms of open source free speech.