Ballad of Bernardin J. Comeau

No mention of Bernadin J Comeau great shame of Clare District high school and getting 980 petition signatures to drive Michelin tire employer to Bridgewater.

Ballad of Bernardin J. Comeau
French Acadian socio cultural and socio economic ghetto

He was praised for his innovative entrepreneurial business spirit, his philanthropy with a Université Sainte-Anne building named in his honour, and all the  Canadian Business hall of fame accolades by all the there for the pay check gang.

There is no mention of his great shame of coming to the Clare  District high school and getting 980 petition signatures from the entire school of children who did not know what they were signing. As well as the signatures of all his employee enslave labor force. To drive away an international company named Michelin tire. Producing a year-long evergreen product called tires, but not in Bernardin J. Comeau Gods Country.

We coulda been a contender

Michelin tire offer refused by Bernadin Comeau petition.

In 1971 Michelin Tire company wanted to set up a tire manufacturing plant in the municipality of  Clare, which would have pumped millions of dollars into the social and economic ghetto of Clare.

In March 2023 the $300 million expansion of the  Michelin Bridgewater plant is announced. Development that could have been happening in Municipality of Clare

So Michelin Tire went to the municipality of Bridgewater, which at the time; was the poorest welfare ghetto in Nova Scotia, right there with  North Sydney. Since 1971 Michelin has pumped millions of Come to life dollars thousands of times over into the Bridgewater economy, making it the wealthiest municipality in all of Nova Scotia. Even richer than Halifax, which has many drugged-out Zombies, homeless, and poverty that Bridgewater does not have.

Clare remains amongst the poorest ghetto with lots of Drug and alcohol issues; no one cares about it. All part of the Bernadette Jordan school of bait and switch. Screw them over for one's own capital gains B.S. game played by the politically connected walking vaginal monologues with sphinctorial personalities and two-faced hypocrisy like the illustrious Bernardin J. Comeau. His niece Denise Comeau calls it the Great Shame of Clare, and she knows a thing or two about great shame; under rug swept skeletons in the family closets of things.

Dead French Acadian Feudal Oligarch I have known.

It's an insular, xenophobic mindset still very much present in the Oligarchal cliques that run the local Heritage Patrimonial industry. Like the Queerphobic  Ghosting endemic in the persons of Vaughn Madden, Ken Deveau, Alister  Surette, Nathalie La actively supporting racist Vache Folle Robichaud, and her pseudo-sexual boyfriend Daniel Le Prick Leblanc, Marcel y Boit Aymar, Luc Le boy wonder Dèon, Martin There for the next Zombie corporation contract Theberge.

Quote unquote Martin Comme toujours, l'union fait la force !

Local LGBT may call for inclusion, but it all falls on deaf ears in these times where there is a collapse of meaning due to the fourth turning, which is having everything on the verge of collapse. Like the current serfdom socio-economic ghetto of the southwestern area of the french Acadian shore and the partisan politics; of the politically connected bastards du Jour.

Freedoms are just another word for nothing left to lose

All about to be plowed under by the new web3.o and decentralized censor-free blockchain technologies that are a platform for marginalized Queer visual artist voices to be heard and seen instead of subjected to in-your-face racism by Daniel Leblanc in the office of Nathalie Robichaud.

                   Even the Insular FANE is being called out.

Remember, people with nothing to lose have nothing to fear.