Embracing Acadian Inclusivity: to expanding CTV News Atlantic Media

Its a struggle to find their place in the Halifax-centric media sphere. To foster true innovation; its a big Saint John with money and tradition.

Embracing Acadian Inclusivity: to expanding CTV News  Atlantic Media
Embracing Acadian Inclusivity: to expanding CTV News Atlantic Media

In our previous coverage of Claude Edwin Theriault's impassioned call for change within CTV Atlantic News and Saltwire media, we delved into the current challenges faced by the media outlets – a culture steeped in straight white unilingual, heterosexuality, Franco- and queer-phobic behaviours. As Theriault pointed out, the lack of innovation is evident and contributes to the decline of these Bell-owned and operated outlets; as people go to more commercial free niche sites for their news media needs, like the Guardian.

Congrès Mondial Acadien 2024-Heritage Patrimonial Industry
Contemporary Artists continue to call Congrès Mondial Acadien 2024 for inclusion in the conservative - Heritage Patrimonial Industry.

This follow-up article aims to examine the broader issue of Queer inclusivity within Atlantic Canada's media landscape, seeking potential solutions that not only give voice to the LGBTQ+ community but also bolster CTV Atlantic's credibility as a Canadian news media leader.

Running Out of Excuses: Halifax Nova Scotia Media Landscape Needs a Revamp!

CTV Atlantic.ca Continues Exclusion of French Acadian Culture:
Acadian community facing extinction via assimilation into the dull and uninspired Halifax centric Bell media culture of phoney Jive at Five news.

French contemporaries have long struggled to find their place in the Halifax-centric media sphere. To foster true innovation; its a big Saint John with money, Theriault suggests breaking free from tradition, offering visibility to these underrepresented artists, and giving airtime to diverse stories reflecting the Acadian culture.. It's time we acknowledge the vibrant, evolving aspects of Atlantic Canada that the din of Uni/Monolingual and heterosexual narratives shouldn't drown out.

Tackling these shortcomings requires the collaborative effort of the community, media professionals, and activists, such as LGBTQ+ allies and experts. This article presents the perspectives of various stakeholders and delves into potential solutions.

From Marginalization to Honky Atlantic Inclusion: Voices from the Queer Community

Certainly one of the most innovative creative visual artist from Nova Scotia. deserves to be celebrated as part of history and culture "The lack of Queer representation within local media is crushing. It almost feels like they don't want us to exist in the public eye, and that's incredibly damaging."

Indeed, excluding voices is hardly an isolated case. Many in Atlantic Canada's LGBTQ+ community feel invisible due to mainstream media's lack of openness and diversity. "There's this consistent erasure. It's like our voices don't matter; our stories don't matter. Nothing against them Cajuns from Grosses Coques providing they speak english and know their place .Hope media outlets like Bell media Atlantic and Salty Dick and their Chronically Horrid newspapers can genuinely commit to representing us and our unique experiences." That is after all exactly what the CRTC gives them a license to do.

Building French Acadian Culture Bridges: Local Media Called to Action

To rectify this imbalance, every single zombie corporation stakeholders emphasize the importance of involving Queer voices in editorial processes, developing inclusive community-focused programming, and challenging stereotypes perpetuating negative attitudes about the LGBTQ+ community.

Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle East Coast is a Queer media and Social media profile management communication expert who points out, "When we actively include Queer voices, we provide opportunities for growth and learning and create an environment where innovation thrives.

Proud and noble maritime Heritage and Patrimonial tourist industry

You would think that Jive at Five Atlantic can initiate this dialogue by opening their newsrooms to Queer southwest Nova Scotia journalists specializing in SEO ranked world wide web press releases that tend to park themselves on the 1st page of Google for the reason they have relevant reader engaging content. Treated as an equal partner in the founding cultures in our proud and noble maritime heritage and actually celebrating Acadian NFT creator Claude Edwin Theriault during Halifax Gay Pride festival someday.

Impact: Writing the Jive at Five French Acadian Cultural News Future Together

The mission to create a more full spectrum Aspergers, representative, and sustainable media space for all is a collaborative effort. By investing in training and fostering an open dialogue with the LGBTQ+ community, CTV Atlantic and fellow Honky Publishing can rise to meet the challenges of an evolving and diverse society, they have learned to do it with indigenous people as well as African Nova Scotia men and women who have daily Canadian culture representation , while hard times in the maritimes Cajuns have none

Supporting Queer Acadian artists and celebrating their work will allow local media to establish their credibility as a genuinely inclusive and forward-thinking platform in the maritime.

Claude Edwin Theriault calls out CTV Atlantic News on insular French Acadian culture phobia culture endemic in the Nova Scotia maritime province.

By incorporating these diverse perspectives into their daily coverage, these Honky Chateaux types can become a force for progress and innovative change as we all move towards the Singularity of 2030 en Français est en Anglais SVP Merci

Bitch Murphy complains CBC News has a different Liberal forward-thinking view and progressive media status since 2021.

Oh la la! Let's dive into the fascinating tale of the richness of La Culture being crammed into the Anglo assimilation Bell Honky Media machine. Picture this: a serious creative type with a glorious Cochon Digue heritage trying to navigate the choppy waters of cultural assimilation. Since Bell media has forgotten that the french acadian gang has been here for "Awhile" it used to be called founding members of the two divides but that was before the collapse of meaning where French acadian culture is legally recognized as going going gone in our gosh darn golly friendly squiggly wiggly Maritime neighbourhood in all Atlantic provinces.

In this outrageous saga, the clash between the tourist brochure heritage patrimonial and the modern world is as comical as a jive at Five News. Imagine a highfalutin art gallery showcasing the works of our North Atlantic seafaring Munit Haec et Altera Vincit Tartan woven visual narrative creating artists in Atlantic Canada , adorned with chic berets and fancy French accents. On one wall, you'll find exquisite landscapes reminiscent of the picturesque Tri County Municipality of Clare and Claregyle CMA2024 countryside, with a touch of Avant-garde french language absurdity maritimes style. .

Remember its artists who move Atlantic Canadian culture forward

But alas, the influence of the Anglo machine is ever-present. The white-washed walls threaten to suffocate the vibrant colours of La Digne et Noble Culture traditionelle, leaving our artist gasping for a breath of cultural authenticity. It's like trying to sell a baguette in a world obsessed with hot dogs - a futile exercise in assimilation that results in a hilarious clash of flavours.

The rise of the contemporary artist and NFT creator may seem like a lifeline, a chance to preserve and share La Relève heritage through the modern lens. But even as the digital world embraces our artist's creations, there's an undertone of loss and longing. The echoes of the past blend with the pixelated present, leaving us chuckling at the absurdity of it all.
So, my friends, behold the bumpy journey of the beyond mainstream contemporary NFT creators with the heritage, as they wade through the swirling waters of Anglo assimilation. It's a tale that tickles the funny bone of Quebec while highlighting the Jackie Vautour style resilience and unyielding spirit of a culture that refuses to be forgotten. Vive la richesse de la culture acadienne!

French Acadian Days in Grand Pré & Visual Artists Inclusion
Acadian Days Grand Pré hold tremendous potential to go beyond traditional narratives and expand the cultural narrative to include visual artists.

The Richness of French Acadian Nova Scotian Culture driven into Anglo assimilation

Oh, la la! Let's talk about the richness of the culture and their adventurous journey into Anglo assimilation. Now, we all know that the Le Peuple have been through some serious rollercoaster rides in history. From being expelled by the British to finally settling in beautiful Nova Scotia, these fierce Nova Scotians have managed to keep their vibrant culture alive, despite the constant pressure to conform.

But, let's not forget that this is the land of diversity and inclusion, attorney general of Canada style...right? Well, for the Nova Scotia Franco Hill Bill community, that diversity seems to be limited to them living throughout Nova Scotia, as long as they speak English. Oui, mademoiselles et messieurs, in this parlez-vous English province, one must be fluent in the language of Shakespeare to taste the true flavours of La Digue et noble culture.

Now, picture this: a bustling Daniel Leblanc Honky festival, filled with delicious poutine, lively music, and joyful dancing. You enter, ready to immerse yourself in this vibrant culture, only to find out that all the signs and conversations are in English. Sacrebleu Tour de Charles D'Aulnay style! You start to wonder if you mistakenly stumbled into an anglophone party, leaving all the Gosh darn golly franco Cajun Hill Bill goodness behind.

But no, my friend, this is just the epitome of assimilation in action. The Nova Scotia people will have access to government has made it crystal clear that if you want to participate in this legally recognized and treated cultural extravaganza, you better bring your "Bonjour" and "Merci" game, alongside your "Hello" and "Thank you."

Nova Scotia Acadian Days Inclusion for a change Honey

Poor, poor Nova Scotia French Acadians. They have surfed the waves of history, only to be washed ashore on the beach of Anglo assimilation. But fear not, my cultural goulag comrades, for your heritage cannot be erased so easily. Your rich culture is like a phoenix, rising from the ashes of linguistic expectations.

So, let's keep celebrating the economic ghetto spirit, even if it means doing so in both English and French. And who knows, maybe one day the the culture will break free from the clutches of linguistic restrictions and dance to its own rhythm. But until then, let's raise a glass of wine (or should I say vin?) to the resilience of the Nova Scotia French Acadians!

Visual Artists Inclusion in French Acadian Days Grand-Pré
Urgent need for Innovation and Visual Artists Inclusion in French Acadian Days Grand-Pré in the Nova Scotia tourist season

Call for inclusion of visual artists to the list of our Artists from the Bay

CTV news Alantic TV network programming

Have you ever wondered what happens when a straight white anglo jive at bell media honky gang; come together to create a mind-blowing TV program? Well, wonder no more! Honky TV Gang network has taken programming to a whole new level with their latest show, "Jive at Five". This show is an extraordinary blend of art, culture, and downright hilarity. You'll be laughing so hard your abs will develop a six-pack, I promise!

They've managed to mix traditional tourist heritage patrimonial ;with a twist of modernity that will have you scratching your head and saying, "What in the world did I just watch?" But in the best possible way, of course! Picture this: a beautiful Social economic ghetto goulag landscape serving as the backdrop for a series of outrageous sketches and pranks that will leave you rolling on the floor laughing. And let's not forget the weather watcher news bulletin segments, where you'll get all the latest who's celebratin' a mile stone; update on everything from politics to the latest trends in NFTs.

It's like infotainment at its finest! Every episode is filled with unexpected surprises from Katie Kelly and jaw-dropping authoritative news visuals that will make your eyes pop out of your head. Seriously, I had to invest in a new pair of glasses after just one episode. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to be entertained like never before. Tune in to CTV News Atlantic and experience the cookie cutter madness and creativity that is "Jive at Five". Trust me, you won't want to miss it!

Proud and noble maritime heritage