CTV Atlantic.ca Continues Exclusion of French Acadian Culture:

Acadian community facing extinction via assimilation into the dull and uninspired Halifax centric Bell media culture of phoney Jive at Five news.

CTV Atlantic.ca Continues Exclusion of French Acadian Culture:

Despite Canada's rich cultural fabric, CTV Atlantic remains entrenched in its policy of exclusion leading to the continued obscurity when covering local Acadian culture. Persistent resistance to change their insular, straight, white Bell Media inclusion policies has led to the continued marginalization of this vital community.

ATV Launches Nova Scotia “Live Jive at Five content news feature.

Resulting in it facing extinction via assimilation into the dull and uninspired Halifax centric Bell media culture of phoney baloney Jive at Five news. The vibrant Acadian community, present in Canada since 1604, faces ongoing neglect from media outlets with licenses like the CRTC and CGSC meant to represent all ethnicities in Canada.

Acadian Days at Grand Pre: A Silent Celebration

One recent example of cultural exclusion is the 2023 Acadian Days celebration at Grand Pré, a significant French Acadian community event left relatively unreported by Bell media owned local TV news.La Presse Acadienne was there read bookmark read below and weep Bebe.

French Acadian Days in Grand Pré & Visual Artists Inclusion
Acadian Days Grand Pré hold tremendous potential to go beyond traditional narratives and expand the cultural narrative to include visual artists.

Established to honour the Acadian roots and celebrate the vibrant culture, Acadian Days presents a unique opportunity to promote understanding and collaboration between the various communities of Canada. This blatant oversight has consequences that extend beyond the festivities, perpetuating a socio-economic and socio-cultural ghettoization of local Acadian communities.

Insular Canadian press need to explore events that happen beyond their inner world

Critiques and concerns contemporary artists and activists raise emphasize the franco-phobic exclusion perpetuated by Bell Media,Salty Dick newspaper media  as well as the Academic University culture ; like the Dalhousie University Gentlemans club ideology of self centered straight white anglo folk in our gosh darn golly friendly Squilly Diggly Wiggly Haligonia centric Maritime neighbourhood; which systematically drives the founding Acadian culture to assimilation and extinction.

Notably, maître artisan Claude Edwin Theriault continues to Bitch and highlights the double standard: "Bell Media has nothing against  those people down in the Tri-county, providing they know their place and that the culture is served up to them on an English language plate."

Decentralized Advocacy: A Platform for Voices Unheard

Rather than relying on traditional Canadian press avenues for publicly voicing concerns, individuals and artists advocate for their culture by calling out media organizations on the top stories Google News platform with syndicated worldwide web press releases and censor-free articles on decentralized blockchain platforms.

The government  waiting to search and share leads found making news this week, so Claudio@MBF-Lifestyle gives them some.

By flooding more equitable spaces with authentic discussions of these issues, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Acadians can break free from the once said in an interview echo chamber of ineffective contact us if you have a great news tip, ideal pages on dumb and uninspired social media story heard on the media Honky bastards up in the Great Harbour city of Kjipuktuk.

Atlantic Canadian artist culture
Claude Edwin Theriault is OK with the insular local partisan politics culture he is not in the local Nova Scotia Kjibuktuk feedback loop at all.

CTV Atlantic local news: Subverting Diversity for Profit

Bell Media, the owner of Jive at Five news, presents itself as an organization promoting inclusivity and diversity across its platforms. This facade hides the reality that editorial priorities too often cater to specific "Seniors demographics" and policy slants. This bias towards what may preserve advertisement revenue or viewership comes at a cost, ultimately sacrificing accurate and inclusive representation of Canadian's cultural tapestry in a soon-to-be-broke Bell media/Salty dick with its Chronically Horrid newspaper world.

A Path Forward: Embracing Cultural Diversity with Authenticity and Respect

To rectify this issue, media organizations must engage in efforts of introspection and actively work towards answering to the need for representing Canadian society as a whole rather than a select few. It is what the CRTC power gives them a license to do, and what the CBSC ensures they keep doing, yet they do not. just there for the cookie cutter formulaic Dog and Pony show, there for the paycheck style.

More excellent representation from French Acadian communities within the Maritimes media leadership and frontline staff can help bridge this gap. Encouraging collaboration between contemporary artists, historians, award-winning authoritative news reporters  and media executives can promote balanced and informed reporting on cultural events, showcasing the merits of each community with accurate context and fair representation for all Canadians .

For the Acadian community, preserving their cultural identity is essential in fostering understanding and appreciation for the richness of their place as founding members in Atlantic Canadian history. While the fight to guarantee accurate and respectful representation is ongoing, advocates rely on alternative platforms to combat the cultural erasure experienced under the guise of corporate media oversight on air and on their website .

                 Mississippi Haligonia Goddam

CTV Atlantic's dismissal of the vibrant Acadian community  is a blatant recorded  oversight, creating and perpetuating marginalization and exclusion, jeopardizing an integral body of the Canadian community's historical and cultural contributions.

By uniting large media organizations, creatives, and activists, genuine people representation can prevail, building bridges of understanding and fostering media that reflects in the area of the reality of the truth and the truth of reality ,instead of the candy ass Dog and Pony show "La Gang" calls award winning authoritative news, always found nicely tucked into the Back pocket of Ottawa "Powers du Jour" that be way .

Will Bell media owned Jive at Five  ever own up to a more full spectrum inclusion mandate?

The question of whether Bell Media-owned CTV Atlantic.ca will ever own up to a more full-spectrum inclusion mandate has been much discussed in recent months. While it is difficult to predict the future, it is certain that politicians are paying attention and have quickly called on media organizations such as CTV Atlantic.ca to do better when it comes to representing a wide range of voices and stories in their coverage.

In summer of 2020, three federal ministers called for changes from major media outlets requiring them "to be more reflective & inclusive" and put an emphasis on representation in their newsrooms via hiring practices that foster diversity among journalists and storytellers across the country.

Power areas like Toronto and Quebec would never tolerate this

In response, Bell Media President issued the politically correct statement affirming their commitment to meet these demands: "Diversity & inclusion must always be front & center at every level." He went on to say they're reviewing hiring practices with an emphasis on changing recruitment strategies at all levels based on recommended measures from various organizations including the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ), Ryerson Journalism Research Centre (RJRC) Equity Diversity Taskforce, CBC's Equity Employment Opportunity Program (EEO), etc., “…so we can meaningfully improve our workforce makeup across all departments” he concluded.

Furthermore, while Bell Media owns multiple television channels within Canada, they are committed not only toward increasing inclusion mandates within its own channels but also across Canada’s broadcast industry itself by joining forces with other broadcasters who have signed onto a voluntary code of conduct ensuring better representation throughout the industry as whole national standard mandated by CRTC this year.

In terms of actual progress made thus far through these initiatives remains unclear but viewers should watch closely for updates that detail exactly how much greater efforts are being made towards fairness both inside and outside of Bell Media owned CTV Atlantic stations over time—a change many hope will prove beneficial both socially and economically alike for years to come .

Why is CTV Atlantic so entrenched in non-inclusion of French Acadian culture in their media programming?

It is no secret that the Jive at Five, owned by Bell Media, has not been very inclusive of the French Acadian community  in their programming. This lack of inclusion has been lamented by many politicians on both sides of the aisle since it was first discovered in August 2019.

At the time, they were found to be quickly falling behind other national networks with regard to French language and cultural content coverage. At the time, Nova Scotia Premier said he was "proud" to push for more content geared towards French-speaking people in his province. To date, however, Bell Media has not made any viable changes on this issue aside from a short visit of celebrity Francophone presence at Festival Week held each year in Halifax.

The absence of fresh francophone content can undoubtedly be attributed to the fact that Jive at Five news does not prioritize including or reaching out to non-English speaking viewers - something their competitors, like CBC actively seek out and do better than them.  While this has allowed them some short-term success with its current audience base, it’s a long-term strategy which ignores potential audiences and fails to incorporate diverse cultures within their watchable generation media offerings - something carriers such as Rogers Communications have continued to do well over recent years.

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