CRTC's Astounding "Oversight": CTV Atlantic's Exemplary Lack of French Acadian media Inclusion

When the CRTC and its blatant and astounding total oversight in monitoring the media landscape while compromising inclusion at CTV

CRTC's Astounding "Oversight": CTV Atlantic's Exemplary Lack of French Acadian media Inclusion
CRTC's-CTV Atlantic's Lack of French Acadian media Inclusion

When the CRTC was envisioned, we never expected it to deliver something as astounding as the total oversight in monitoring the media landscape while magnanimously compromising diversity and inclusion at CTV This article is a sarcastic toast and callout to CRT C's fine job of ignoring xenophobia, Francophobia, and queerphobia, proudly showcased by CTV

CRTC and its Blindeye “Oversight”to CTV Exemplary Lack of French Acadian Inclusion

A standing ovation is for the network for not even managing the inclusion of an art section for French Acadian queer contemporary artists. They believe lifestyle and entertainment are art, just like cute TikTok videos are award-winning journalism.

A Failing CTV Atlantic Canada System

As a Contemporary French Acadian artist, it's disheartening to face such blatant exclusion, and while CTV Atlantic might think they're taking the traditional route, they are hurtling towards irrelevance. The world is changing, people's understanding of it is expanding, and the public expects better.

It's time to focus on solutions. CRTC, Bell Media, Salt Wire, and academic universities in HRM-Kjibuktuk and the province should be held accountable for their programming indifference to our diverse world beyond Ottawa Government Politics. Inclusion isn't optional anymore - it has become a necessity.

CTV Continues Exclusion of French Acadian Culture:
Acadian community facing extinction via assimilation into the dull and uninspired Halifax centric Bell media culture of phoney Jive at Five news.

How Can We Drive Change in French acadian Culture?

1. Demand actions from regulators: Artists and members of the French Acadian community must demand that the CRTC and other media regulators step up their efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the media.

2. Call out biased media: Point out the disparities and omission of diverse voices on their platforms by addressing social media issues and actively engaging with the organizations.

Acadians callout francophobic CTV News issues
Francophobic exclusion of Acadians at CTV News and its Halifax centric outdated programming

Artists Break the Silence of Acadians as CTV News Faces Accusations of Francophobic Exclusion

3. Partner with supportive networks: Look for channels and platforms that promote diversity and are willing to support French Acadian artists and other underrepresented groups beyond straight white «Halifax. And put a stop to the eyes of the people being shone a very narrow role allowed in media

4. Create your own spaces: If existing canadian press outlets aren't open to change, create the change resulting in the push for access to new areas, like online website platforms and localized events dedicated to diverse talent, can effectively dismantle the existing walls of exclusion.

Is CRTC regulating broadcast decision Communications or Preserving local Media Monopolies?
French Acadian Contemporary Artists argue that the CRTC has lost its way, transforming into a zombie corporation primarily paycheck focused.

The Decentralized News Shift Toward Change

CTV Atlantic and similar networks must understand that the time for change is now and conduct themselves while on air in a manner more essential; it could be too late tomorrow. As the world evolves, embracing diversity and inclusion isn't just a fleeting trend; it's the only way to remain relevant in our ever-changing and diverse world.

Version française encore plus honnête et franc

Congres Mondial Acadian 2024 Arts and Culture news

From New Brunswick to Nova Scotia, rural communities

It's a clarion call to the CRTC and all media organizations to enter the workplace, reveal their achievements, and rectify glaring oversights for a more inclusive future. In this future, underrepresented artists will have an equal chance to make their voices heard.