Contemporary French Canadian Artist Navigating Archetypal Visual Narratives in NFT Artworld Reboot 2024

Contemporary French Canadian Artist Theriault online art gallery trailblazer, setting the cornerstone benchmark in therapeutic experience design.

Contemporary French Canadian Artist Navigating Archetypal Visual Narratives in NFT Artworld Reboot 2024
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Grand :re Convocation 2024

Setting the digital art Benchmark with Sacred Geometry in Fractal Design

In the ever-evolving landscape of NFT art, innovative artist Theriault emerges as an online art gallery trailblazer, setting the cornerstone benchmark on experience designs by incorporating sacred geometry golden ratio in therapeutic fractal design.

Sleeping Giant Megalith Stone Monolith Golden Ratio t

 Sacred geometry, rooted in ancient wisdom, is seamlessly integrated into new NFT artwork to create visual frequencies that induce a relaxed cognitive state. Each IG Reels music creation is meticulously crafted to harness sacred geometric patterns' inherent beauty and harmony.

I aim to help provide viewers with an immersive and meditative virtual reality experience, shining new and exciting hope on the horizon for self-representing post-2022 new artists seeking their sovereignty who do need to apply for grants due to the need for support, with nearly a decade since programs in the fall do not pan out for.

360-Degree Motion Graphic forward thinking NFTs: A Journey at 120 Movements/Minute

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Breath in and brace for visual impact in the Virtual walkthrough

One of the creative studio's distinctive approaches involves using 360-degree motion graphic NFTs, a mesmerizing journey that unfolds at 120 movements per minute. These motion graphics are not merely static images but dynamic experiences reflective of 2024 that invite the savvy art scene viewer into a space and time realm of constant movement.

All exemplify and bring together a unique and engaging encounter with the new Canadian culture artwork. The fusion of technology and artistic expression allows for a tangible and visceral connection, offering an NFT that goes beyond the visual and into the felt experience anywhere in the world.

MBF-Lifestyle NFT Designs to watch in the metaverse…

Artworks with Engaging therapeutic value

 Ritual Protocols Through the Centuries: A Love for Sacred Design Imagery

The extensive artistic palette of Theriault extends to images of people engaged in ritual protocols throughout the centuries. The recurring theme highlights the universality of certain human practices despite changes in props, formats, and ledger systems. From cave walls in France to leather-bound books and now to the digital solidity of ERC-1155 tokenization, the ritualistic essence remains constant. This choice pays homage to the timeless nature of human customs and emphasizes the evolution of recording methods over time.

Visual Narratives of Separateness and Cultural Representation in a New French acadian Music Style Appalachian Cajun Dead et Le Talkin`Stick sung Acapella

Lament for French Acadian music Culture & its Need for style
Cajun Dead et Le Talkin Stick add richness to the region’s musical heritage, once thriving has flatlined into dull cycle of uninspired remakes.

In a thought-provoking series, Theriault has employed a visual narrative since 1974 and is now creating music to explore the separateness between cellular particles within North Atlantic Seaboard clans. Delving into the complexities of French Acadian, Mi'kmaq, and Halifax Anglo identities, the forward-thinking archetypal Monolith artwork symbolizes the silent ghosting dialogues between these communities ``for half a century. 

The absence of innovation to take us in the deeply rooted Pride culture of Atlantic Canada provincial representation and sovereignty of contemporary works Theriault and his MBF-lifestyle use to breathe new life becomes a central theme, highlighting the challenges those in the arts faced in 2022 until now. 

The right there in roots music niche of source code Appalachian acapella of-lifestyle east coast; series becomes a poignant commentary on the past five years of denial of silence or the silence of denials that continue to grow in a non-inclusive environment, particularly when media outlets play a significant role in shaping narratives.

Canadian Contemporary Web3 Creatives Shifts and the French Canadian Voice of MBF-Lifestyle 2022-2023 

In through the out door POD to NFT read on Theriault with hundreds of images

As we witness the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, Theriault`s work becomes even more relevant. The artist's commitment to pushing boundaries in NFT art, coupled with a keen awareness of the cultural and societal shifts, places Theriault at the forefront of a new era in artistic expression. In a landscape where media is only sometimes reflected by what is on the first page of Google.

The stones in the No Man's Sky Monolith echo not only with sacred sound design but also with the resonant voice of an artist determined to break the silence and bring cultural representation to the forefront of the modern art narrative.

Claude Edwin Theriault: An online presence  Journey Through Esoteric Narratives in 3D Motion Graphics on blockchain technology digital Ledger out on the Opensea 

The Mystical French Language Journey of a Multidisciplinary Contemporary Artist

Since 1974,  Theriault has been a trailblazer in contemporary art, seamlessly blending various disciplines into a cohesive and captivating body of work. Theriault's unique approach uses esoteric-inspired hieroglyphics to weave intricate visual narratives now in sound and vision. This unconventional technique sets him apart, making his creations a mesmerizing exploration of symbolism and mysticism.

 No Man's Sky Monoliths: Where Experience Design Meets 3d Motion Graphic Design Narrative like, wow

The No Man's Sky Monoliths is a cornerstone of Theriault's portfolio, where experience design transcends traditional boundaries. Drawing inspiration from Kaballah and the Tree of Life tarot deck, each image in the Monolith series overlays a part of a different parallel cosmos. The result is a collection of stunning visuals that not only push the boundaries of contemporary art but also provide viewers with a unique and immersive narrative experience akin to a tarot deck reading.

Sacred Sound Design and Sleeping Stones in post-2022 new artworks of note

Theriault's artistic journey extends beyond the visual realm, delving into sacred sound design. Speaking and listening to sleep amongst sleeping stones under No Man's Sky adds an auditory dimension to his work. This auditory experience complements the visual narratives, creating a holistic and immersive encounter with Theriault's artistic universe.

Collective Maritime Brand Herd Design and the Visual Artists Moral Compass

In the vast universe of Claude Edwin Theriault's artistry, there is a meticulous alignment of the collective brand herd design. Everything has its place and time, from the stones in No Man's Sky Monoliths to the broader narrative arcs. Theriault holds a special place as he skillfully weaves brand narratives for liberal, forward-thinking individuals with world-beat tastes. His work serves as a visual moral compass, guiding viewers through the 100-year cycle of the prophet, nomad, hero, and artist archetype in the 25-year cycle of history.

The Unrecognized French acadian artwork Genius and the Collapse of Meaning

Despite Theriault's work's profound impact and innovative nature, universities of higher learning still need to address it. The reluctance of these institutions to engage with his art denies students the opportunity to explore the depths of contemporary creativity. Theriault's potential as a guest speaker on arts and culture is immense, bringing a fresh perspective and sparking meaningful conversations.

Blockchain SV Live Experience Design
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Claude Edwin Theriault stands as a beacon of authenticity in a world filled with fake narratives and counterfeit expressions. His artworks never fail to challenge the status quo, offering a genuine and unfiltered commentary on the collapse of meaning in culture and society.

 As creative voices continue to be marginalized, artists like Theriault become even more crucial in shining a light of beauty and form into the face of mediocrity and deception. It is time for the art world to reflect, recognize, and celebrate the brilliance of MBF-Lifestyle East Coast, a true visionary in contemporary art in Cajun, the United States, and Canada.

Contemporary visual artists Navigating old contemporary French dogma with Claude Edwin Theriault's Reflections on Web3 and the Metaverse

Dichotomy in Quebecois Progressivism and Acadian Conservatism
Quebecois culture is often celebrated for its liberal, forward-thinking nature, while Acadian culture is perceived as conservative and prudish.

The Atlas Shrugged Moment around the world to come to the Fourth Turning Winter`s end

As we find ourselves in the throes of the fourth turning winter season of the human race, the societal landscape is eerily reminiscent of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged." The power dynamics have shifted to a point where those with wealth and influence lack morals and values. At the same time, those holding onto principles need more financial resources and, in some cases, a platform to voice their perspectives. Amid this moral dilemma, Claude Edwin Theriault, a 3D motion graphic NFT Contemporary creator, emerges as a visual storyteller, offering a unique perspective on the evolving human condition.

The Erosion of Trust in Traditional Nova Scotia Contemporary Art AGNS Institutions

Read it and weap Daddi oh Canada

Elected officials and mainstream media, once perceived as the pillars of truth and representation, now stand accused of neglecting their duty to serve the public. In this vacuum of trust, the masses are turning to alternative platforms, seeking authenticity and unfiltered voices. Claude Edwin Theriault identifies the transformative potential of the Web3 blockchain platform, where the metaverse is taking shape.

This decentralized space starkly contrasts the old-world Web2 and its metamorphosis into the mainstream's 3.0 iteration, symbolizing a shift from the old-fashioned to the never-miss avant-garde.

The Web3 Cultural Heritage Paradigm Shift Through Claude Edwin Theriault's  La Relève Vol 4 Artistic Lens

In the expansive field of vision presented by Claude Edwin Theriault's contemporary NFT creations, a narrative challenges the prevailing norms. Theriault, who identifies with a Queer Asperger's perspective, weaves visual tales that serve as a therapeutic escape.

His work, akin to a visual motion graphic mudra mantra mandala, offers a calming respite necessary for navigating the turbulent waters of the present era.

The parallel fight-or-flight perception in his art provides a fresh and thought-provoking viewpoint, urging viewers to question the narratives they've been fed. His IG reels invite viewers to learn Le Patois lingo lyrics in the subtitles, then record themselves singing them and sharing them onto their own IG Reels account so that it is shared to weave a collective song of voice and voice of song.

 Critical Thinking in Web3 notable artists Communities post 2022 and 2023 nft bull markets.

Masculine Magick squaring the Feminine Circle cycle of Life.

As elected officials and mainstream media look for the perfect next new and innovative thing and slowly lose their grip on public trust, the need for critical thinking has never been more urgent. In the evolving landscape of Web3 communities, artists are also stepping up to the need to protect the last of critical thought and ensure it survives and thrives outside the United States Franco Cajun & Creole cultures. 

Claude Edwin Theriault's work becomes a beacon in this paradigm shift, reflecting the collective consciousness of modern times. In the metaverse built on the Web3 blockchain, contemporary and modern art can regain its essence – an authentic representation of the dynamic, ever-changing tapestry of human experience.

Using art  and technology to find and embrace value in Times of Great Change

Claude Edwin Theriault's artistic journey offers fresh air in these tumultuous times dominated by manipulated mainstream CRTC news agendas and a yearning for authenticity. His creations, born from a Queer Asperger's point of view, transcend the conventional boundaries of art, serving as a therapeutic balm for those seeking solace in the chaos found in contemporary issues. 

CRTC’s-CTV Atlantic’s Lack of French Acadian media Inclusion
When the CRTC and its blatant and astounding total oversight in monitoring the media landscape while compromising inclusion at CTV

CRTC need for inclusion

The emergence of Web3 and the metaverse as platforms for genuine discourse underscores the importance of embracing change and redefining the innovative contemporary artistic narrative. This gives us hope as we navigate the fourth turning winter; Theriault's work stands as a testament to the power of critical thinking and the transformative potential of art in reflecting the collective consciousness of our modern era open to new ways to explore new directions.

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