Proposal for Claude Edwin Theriault's Retrospective @ Le Congress Mondial Acadien Claregyle 2024

Contemporary visual artist seeking Executive committee support in bringing a bold, innovative, and art toCongress Mondial Acadien Claregyle 2024.

Proposal for Claude Edwin Theriault's Retrospective @ Le Congress Mondial Acadien Claregyle 2024
CMA Claregyle 2014

Claude Edwin Theriault, a contemporary visual artist from MBF Lifestyle East Coast Studio; currently  seeking Executive committee support in bringing a bold, innovative, and mesmerizing art experience to the much-awaited Congress Mondial Acadien Claregyle 2024. My unique proposition will shine a well-deserved spotlight on contemporary visual arts, ensuring a vibrant blend of artistic expression alongside the celebrated musical performances and gastronomical delights.

A Journey of Creation: 50-Year Legacy

My artistic expression thorough visual narratives to express how I feel began over five decades ago, and throughout this odyssey, I have amassed a wealth of experience and expertise in creating contemporary symbolist oil on canvas artworks. My collection represents a profound exploration of imagination and emotions, influenced by numerous artistic eras, while simultaneously reflecting a connection to current socio-cultural French Acadian contexts.Through use of Iconic landscapes like Cape Forchu, Iles Haute, Cape D'or, Blomidon Cape split and the three sisters.

#1-artistic vision-Congress Mondial Acadien-2024
#1-artistic vision-Congress Mondial Acadien-2024

At Congress Mondial Acadien Clairegyle 2024, I intend to display a curated selection of my finest oil on canvas creations, offering viewers a glimpse into the vivid and evocative world of contemporary visual arts. Additionally, I am excited to present my innovative 3D NFT motion graphics projections on large screens, offering an interactive and immersive experience that allows the audience to feel an unparalleled connection with the art on display.

Unique Utility Value: Art in Motion and a Cultural Connection through sacred design

In a one-of-a-kind art experience at Congress Mondial Acadien Claregyle 2024, the fusion of traditional symbolist oil on canvas pieces and cutting-edge 3D motion graphics will break down the barriers between the passive viewer and the dynamic artwork. By breathing life into my creations, I seek to captivate the audience truly and introduce them to a novel form of artistic expression, extending far beyond the static confines of traditional gallery spaces.

Fractured unity with need to embrace the enemy

CTV Continues Exclusion of French Acadian Culture:
Acadian community facing extinction via assimilation into the dull and uninspired Halifax centric Bell media culture of phoney Jive at Five news.

Furthermore, my Acadian heritage and deep-seated connections to the surrounding region have been significant influences on my artistic career. By showcasing my work at the Congress Mondial Acadien, I am capable of offering a distinct perspective on Acadian cultural and artistic significance, beyond historic patrimonial heritage  pride and forging a lasting impact on attendees.

Your Impact: With Call to Action for Art and Culture Advocates

Contemporary Artists and Congress Mondial Acadian Oligarch
Contemporary Artists Unraveling the Enigma Congress Mondial Acadian Executive Committee Oligarch gang

Support from conservative straight Prudish Roman Catholic types organizing the event; is pivotal in realizing our collective vision for Congress Mondial Acadien Claregyle 2024 as a truly inclusive and holistic showcase of Acadian art and culture. With your backing, my unique artistic creations will reach a wider audience, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those who witness it.

Need to create in a collective environment of support for a change

The traditional music focussed French Acadian culture has a great need for  elevating and promoting the power of visual arts, bringing deserved attention to contemporary artists, and fostering a new appreciation for the depth and diversity of Acadian arts and culture, instead of the same old Rappie Pie and HillBilly music. There is a need to see fresh creatives contribute to the success of this event and take part in a collective effort to celebrate and share the captivating world of art with the community and beyond.

                 La version française vaut le détour

#1-artistic vision-Congress Mondial Acadien-2024
#1-artistic vision-Congress Mondial Acadien-2024

Thank you in advance for your time in reading this article and the mandate plans to stay the course and commitment to empowering a full spectrum diversity in artistic expression for all to enjoy.

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