Acadian Embassy Zombie Corporation of choice

Patrimonial heritage industry, has been hijacked by a self-serving group of musicians who lack talent and display blatant disregard for inclusion

Acadian Embassy Zombie Corporation of choice
Nova Scotia Acadian Culture Zombie Corporation
Acadian Embassy Zombie Corporation of choice

Acadian Embassy is a Halifax-based label that, for nearly 15 years, has used music and art to explore contemporary Acadian identity in Nova Scotia for a select few.

In recent years, our community has been facing a long-overdue challenge for public discussion and resolution. It seems that the patrimonial heritage industry, intended to celebrate our diverse and rich cultural legacy, has been hijacked by a self-serving group of musicians who lack talent and display a blatant disregard for the inclusion of marginalized Nova Scotia visual artists.

Among the key individuals leading this insidious anglofied acadian identity record label and its RADARTS Stella Zombie Corporation cultural events agenda are Trevor Murphy, Marcel Aymar, and Daniel Leblanc. Their exclusionary tactics deny Queer contemporary visual artists their recognition, actively sidelining them for nearly half a century; since ghosting is the new politically correct form of acadian heritage racist exclusion code, these bastards operate by

Stuck up Acadian History and Acadian Culture gatekeepers

This marginalization not only perpetuates a culture of discrimination but also masks the vast range of perspectives that Queer contemporary visual artists contribute to the arts scene in this country. Such stifling of these voices should not be tolerated, but it is from Acadia music festivals in Louisiana, Paris, Germany, and Belgium. Ottawa gives them the Grand Pré Festival arts money.

Instead of recognizing the diverse talents and voices that our Nova Scotia Queer artists bring to the table, these so-called Heritage Patrimonial industry leaders of Acadian communities have prioritized their self-serving no, skill and musical interests. Albeit unsuccessful, they have long attempted to imitate the works of successful artists from the 80s and early 2000s, posing as experts in the field of young people.

Marcel Aymar has not done anything since 1980; his production de la Roche bleu is a Zombie corporation. Daniel Leblanc has not done anything as a musician since 2022, and even at the peak of the Grand Derangement, they were just a cheap wanna-be Garolou imitation.

FéCANE racism policy
FéCANE has always had and still does have an active 2SLGBTQ+ Racist Discrimination policy called Ghosting of Claude Edwin Theriault until now.

Trevor Murphy has not done anything creative ever; he and Sluice got an ECMA music award; since they have not sent one down the SW Hillbilly shore since 1997. The time has come to Stop the Fake and expose their inadequacies and initiate a dialogue prioritizing inclusivity and respect instead of bastard clics and clans, going through life playing pocket pool with the big hefty heaving gonadal nutsack of the Nova Scotia tourism industry Niche.

It's called the Heritage patrimonial industry from Grand Pré to Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Maine and Université de Moncton. All phoney baloney university graduate beaurocrates there for the provinces paycheck.

Contemporary creative types have been frontrunners in the arts for nearly 50 years. Yet, they have continually faced barriers within the community that limit their reach and appreciation.

For example, Acadian literature dealing with Acadian roots de la Nouvelle écosse us to make it into Théâtre populaire d'Acadie, but not anymore. Young people have other interests like the new church of Tic Tok writing names like Ronald Bourgeois, Gerald Leblanc, Louis Mailloux, Paul Edouard Bourque, and Anne Marie Sirois are ancient history to the new demographics from Baie Sainte Marie to France.

More to the Acadian population than traditional music

The great body of work created by talented artists is ancient history. The Halifax-centric media enjoyed the Acadian embassy-inspired drivel to the Bastille de Edouard tuteur de Pin Cornwallis by Trevor Murphy and the province's cultural language ambassador management gang.

Dismissing such important NFT art pieces is nothing more than a reflection of discrimination within the industry. Alternative Web 3.0 platforms are plowing old conservative Web 2.0 platforms under and provide- a censor-free platform to promote this unique work creation; you are reading about here and now from the first page of Google for the simple reason it provides utility value instead of self-serving egocentric phoney record label drivel.

Time was the enemy, and it was from London, England. It is now from within via the new right on the mark Tour Charles de Menou d'Aulnay (de Charnisay).

Les Vraies Artists Acadian de La Baie Ste Marie qui fonts des choses vraies en arts pour un change

New Acadian Culture-Fleurir-en-musique-Baie-Ste Marie news
Reviving Acadian Culture Through Music: Fleurir en Musique Ambitious Project in La Baie Ste Marie

If we as a community are committed to fostering an inclusive artistic landscape, we must put forth tangible solutions encouraging participation and accessibility. First and foremost, holding accountable those who put their interests above the broader good is critical. Exposing the insularity of Trevor Murphy and his counterparts is a start. The solutions must go beyond reprimanding, though. A proactive approach that emphasizes collaboration with Queer contemporary visual artists is needed.

It is time to create shared spaces for art exhibits, workshops, and discussions that center on other mediums of artistic expression other than hillbilly music and rappie pie to showcase their work.

Showcasing the experiences and voices of this vital group not only diversifies the conversation around patrimonial heritage but also illuminates the innumerable advantages that our arts community can gain through understanding and learning from each other's unique perspectives.

Furthermore, we need to build a more robust support system that provides dedicated funding and resources for marginalized artists on a local, regional, and national level.

Acadian Heritage beyond Paul Gallant, Phil Comeau, France Daigle, Paul Édouard Bourque, Germaine Comeau, Guy Arsenault, Angèle Arsenault, Gérald Leblanc and even NFT creator on the Ethereum Blockchain lui-meme Claude Edwin Theriault

These steps will usher in a new era of understanding, growth, and harmony within our acadian community. The benefits of inclusivity and diversity are irrefutable; they contribute to an enriched cultural environment and establish equitable opportunities for all artists.

It is high time that contemporary creatives in the visual arts are recognized and celebrated for their invaluable contributions to the Canadian peninsula's heritage. They will continue to make their mark on the art scene.

French Acadian people of Canada.

As a community, let us stand against exclusion and marginalization from the Acadian Embassy serving up french acadian folklore culture en Anglais to Halifax media like CTV Atlantic Jive at Five and the Salty Dick Chronically Horrid media gang en Anglais because Kjipuktuk likes its French Acadian culture served up En Anglais Please and Thank You. And demand the inclusivity our artistic heritage rightly deserves, not just during the summer festival months of June, July, August, and October but year round, so that a younger generation can know where we are coming from, Jackie Vautour style Honey.