Tokenization of assets MBF-Lifestyle's 3D Motion Graphic NFT Collection: A Path to Open Source Crowd Funding and Art Ownership of the physical assets

MBF-Lifestyle East Coast is making a groundbreaking redefining traditional assets move by pursuing the research & development towards tokenizing.

Tokenization of assets MBF-Lifestyle's 3D Motion Graphic NFT Collection: A Path to Open Source Crowd Funding and Art Ownership of the physical assets
Tokenization of assets worth tokenizing

In the world of contemporary visual arts and NFTs, MBF-Lifestyle East Coast is making groundbreaking redefining traditional assets move by pursuing research and development towards tokenizing its highly evocative 3D motion graphic NFT collection. It's audacious but accurate since Claudio knows someone can do the solidity /python/C++ song and dance source code number. And build the rinse and repeat fill in the bank's info.

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Contemporary Visual artists in the know are watching this trend.

The creative studio is up for the existing challenges of actively seeking blockchain coder skillset of creating smart contracts to create a one-page landing mini opensea. Io-like site file where one can deploy to BSV chain via Twitch or on the bustling and innovative Ethereum Layer 2 platform, which is a Blockchain version of Twitter with an NT art gallery and no one there, all open prairie with low gas fees on Satoshi vision blockchain for the next 80;000 years With a pubic key address easy to drive people to where you uploaded the file /connect one's digital wallet and buy.

Venture Capital funds meet fractional ownership of tangible and intangible assets.

Under the guidance of visionary artist Claudio, the asset ownership of a part of the "Sacoche/Sachels" collection offers a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts and investors to become patrons of the fine arts.

This innovative approach combines art ownership of intellectual property, its utility value, and open-source crowdfunding to revolutionize the traditional art market and usher in a new era of decentralized finance (DeFi) using blockchain technology in the new token economy.

NFT Tokenization of assets
Innovative NFT Creator Claude Edwin Theriault @ MBF-Lifestyle is in constant research and development of intellectual property security tokens.

The Concept of Asset Tokenization:

Asset tokenization enables the conversion of real-world assets, such as artwork or property, into digital tokens on a blockchain. In the case of MBF-Lifestyle's 3D motion graphic NFT collection. Each artwork is represented as a unique token called "Patrones." These Patrone's business models will be sold in batches known as "Bardo" at various price levels, from initial lot to subsequent increments.

The tokenized assets Bardo Levels:

The token sale will be conducted in five increment levels known as Bardo levels of non-fungible assets.

1. Bardo 0-20K: Each Patrones is priced at 2.12/coins tokens.

2. Bardo 20K-40K: Each Patrones is priced at 4.24/ coins tokens.

3. Bardo 40K-60K: Each Patrones is priced at 6.86/ coins tokens.

4. Bardo 60K-80K: Each Patrones is priced at 8.98/ coins tokens.

5. Bardo 80K-100K: Each Patrones is priced at 10.01/ coins tokens.

Sequential Digital Assets Release Strategy:

The collection will be released sequentially, starting with the first Bardo level (0-20K). Once this level sells out, the sale will move to the next Bardo level until all levels are exhausted. This asset management solution approach ensures the artwork's fair and equitable distribution. It creates excitement and anticipation within the art community due to its potential in secondary markets.

Key reasons to tokenize NFTs
MBF-Lifestyle can tokenize ownership of the physical asset of intellectual property.Patrones get partial ownership of favorite digital assets.

Built-In Flipping Option:

MBF-Lifestyle seeks to include a unique digital asset tokenization value chain feature that allows buyers to "flip" or resell their acquired Patrones. This option enables investors to capitalize on market demand and profit by offering their Patrones for sale on the secondary market available to the global population of potential investors you may want to sell your token share.

Tokenization of Assets and Contemporary Artists Crypto Wave
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Creating Sustainable Successful Tokenization Utility Value:

The tokenization of exotic assets like the 3D motion graphic NFT collection brings sustainable utility value to the artwork. By owning Patrones, individuals not only become patrons of the fine arts but also access the therapeutic value of these captivating visuals. This unique monetary value connection between the artwork and its owners enhances art ownership's overall asset management experience.

Open Source Crowd Funding fractional digital token ownership and Art Patronage:

MBF-Lifestyle's tokenization model also democratizes real-world asset art by offering open-source crowdfunding so your project can see the light of day. Anyone can participate as a patron by investing in the distributed ledger collection and supporting the development of digital representation art projects with which they resonate. Everyone loves the power of a good yarn culture made of and built on the foundation of this, way back to our Cave DNA. Claudio uses Archetypal imagery to create Totemic overlay visual narratives that have therapeutic utility value built in by just looking at the moving images as you breathe in and out, and it focuses the mind very quickly to get into a flow state of good old calm and stone-cold sober for a change.

Private securities beyond mainstream precious metals

This inclusive utility tokens approach allows global market individuals from all walks of life to become stakeholders in the artistic journey. It fosters a stronger bond between artists and their private company securities community.

Current CeFi financial institutions do not see tokenized assets as tangible assets, so the jury is out on whether Claudio can s tokenized assets to the new token economy. Innovation has its challenges; however, so many like minds are building the new current tech revolution to add atop the previous Industrial and Agricultural revolutions that brought us to this one.

Uranus Pluto align then Eclipse for Peace and Harmoney by Claude Theriault
Uranus Pluto align then Eclipse for Peace and Harmoney Digital Art by Claude Theriault

The tokenization legal framework of MBF-Lifestyle's 3D motion graphic NFT business architecture collection "Sacoche/Sachels" marks a pivotal moment in the borderless nature found in the blockchain platform evolution of contemporary art market of Shamanic Shapeshifting Cryptopia active participants.

Tokenization of art and tech and Terre des Hommes Spirit