Is Blockchain Tech the Solution to AI-Generated Fake News?

AI-generated false information is increasing at an unprecedented rate, making it difficult for people to differentiate between fake & real news.

Is Blockchain Tech the Solution to AI-Generated Fake News?
Blockchain and A.I. generated Fake News

In today's technological era, we are surrounded by fake news spread via social media, deep fakes, and pirated entertainment. It's scary to think that AI-generated false information is increasing at an unprecedented rate, making it difficult for people to differentiate between fake and real news. The question arises, is blockchain tech the ultimate answer to AI-generated fake news? In this blog post, we'll explore how blockchain tech can help combat the ever-growing problem of AI-generated fake news.

Blockchain Tech the Solution to AI-Generated Fake News

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Firstly, blockchain technology can play a vital role in tackling AI-generated fake news. Blockchain is based on the principle of decentralization, where a transparent and tamper-proof digital ledger maintains a record of all transactions. In the case of fake news, blockchain technology can help in verifying the authenticity of news sources, thereby preventing the spread of misinformation.

With a decentralized blockchain network, users can identify and report fake news websites or sources, creating a more transparent and trustworthy system, in a perfect world, however real life use case will be Blade runner-essque for a while until 2030 A.D.

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Secondly, blockchain technology can also promote ethics and accountability among information-sharing platforms. Most social media platforms use algorithms that can quickly spread fake news to a vast audience. Blockchain technology can enable these platforms to monitor and limit the spread of misleading information, thereby fostering a more reliable and trustworthy platform.

By creating a more ethical system, users can trust the platform to provide only verified and accurate news stories. Just like Contemporary Atlantic Canadian visual artist and NFT creator Claude Edwin Theriault @MBF-Lifestyle is doing, so as to get through the mainstream media firewall that does not want to see his work see the light of day.

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Thirdly, blockchain technology can facilitate an approach in combating fake news, which is based on collective intelligence. By using blockchain-based marketplaces that incentivize correct and accurate information providers, blockchain can create a self-regulating system of trusted sources. Developers and publishers of accurate news can collaborate on open-source blockchain projects, providing a more robust and irrefutable platform in the long run.

Fourthly, blockchain technology can provide a better way of generating and distributing ad revenue. In the current scheme of ad revenue, information providers generate revenue from the number of clicks or views they receive, often promoting fake news or clickbait headlines, on all the major authoritative news sites . Blockchain technology can ensure that revenue is distributed more fairly to news providers that prioritize accuracy and reliability, encouraging more publishers to produce verified news content; for now. Due to te cost to deploy content onto a chain, the amount of junk is low ,since it cost to much to spam in the realm of Web 3.0.

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It's clear that the issue of AI-generated fake news demands collaboration from the tech industry to find effective solutions. Blockchain technology can play a crucial role in tackling this challenge by providing a platform for transparency, trust, and collaboration.

With blockchain tech, there's a real opportunity to revamp the current system of news delivery and promote more accurate and reliable news stories. It's time for the tech industry to take proactive measures in improving the quality of news content and restoring public trust at a time when it is needed.

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