French Acadian Secret Jacques Cartier Order

Current day parrallel between Jacques Cartier secret society and the Insular feudal Oligarch French Acadian Heritage Patrimonal Industry.

French Acadian Secret Jacques 
                   Cartier Order
Munit Haec et Altera Vincit 

New France Francophone Acadian manifesto beyond îles de la madeleine.

It's all a lovely yarn from 1926 to 1965, the secret order of Jacques Cartier infiltrating every sector of Canadian society and forging the fate of French-language communities. Through never-before-heard testimony from former members of the Order and historically accurate dramatic reconstructions, a new Philbert Comeau film paints a gripping portrait of the social and political struggles of Canadian francophone-minority communities.

Tartan Dream Monolith Lineage through time.

Well, guess what; one hundred years later, the enemy is within. Yesterday's anarchist becomes today's honky dory powers that be, in the form of a Heritage Patrimonial peddling Oligarch clique of Vaughn Don't ask don't tell Madden, Daniel Le Prick Leblanc, Nathalie Bambified Vache folle Robichaud, Kenneth Big Family secret Deveau, Allister Pin Molle Surette, Marcel Y Bois Aymar, Luc Opportunistic bastard D'eon, Martin Folle de mes Foulard Theberge.
The more it changes, the more it comes back onto itself. As long as French Acadian culture keeps the same old Evangeline, Gabriel, Grand Pre, Deportation of 1755 and does nothing but look back on its hundreds of years of history, it will never move forward.

The French version of the article is even more of a scandalous reveal.

Au dela de les îles de la madeleine et le monde du 10% marginalisé

Claude Edwin Theriault is using the power of word after word and after a term to call out the executive consul on their Xenophobic Queer, phobic standard operating procedures of Ghosting. Ghosting is the new politically correct form of racism and bullying into oblivion, actively practiced daily and systematically by these straight white Bi-lingual Roman Catholic politically connected proud to be Acadian academic, bureaucratic bastards.

Laying of Intrpis twin steamin' diesel keel

Their insular life in a bubble world has them practicing the same old See no dirty old homo, hear no dirty old homo, speak to no dirty old homo; therefore, there is no messy old homo artist.Until he shows up dans ta face pour que la business se fassent

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick acadian culture beyond the Jacques Cartier secret order

Claude Edwin Theriault demands the inclusion of visual artists to the list of Our artists from the Bay. A change from the old dull, uninspired Hillbilly musicians singing we're proud to be Acadians and being financed to the gills to do the same old.

While Queer Asperger's contemporary visual artists doing creative and innovative artworks daily; are treated like the Black Mi'kmaqi Squaw left out in the cold and dark.

MBF-Lifestyle 3D motion Graphic produces valuable content that gives people something they can feel in the realm of the woo-woo and the gris-gris of life.

The upcoming Congress Mondial Acadian 2024 has an operating budget of close to 7 million dollars for an 8-day event. It reeks of a Bernadette Jordan bait and switch that will land much money into the politically connected Oligarchal clan. This results in an ever-increasing number of concerned citizens asking where the money is going, yet complacent like the sound " know their place in the socio-economic/cultural ghetto" cattle they are.

Be it de monts, de Jacques, sieur de la salle, de la Rochelle, de la Nouvelle France, de la geule/ mouth of the st commander of the order Cartier made Cartier and encountered; it is all outdated rhetoric. The youth are not interested in it.

The TikTok outfit in China has highjacked their attention; it has.

New world, new France Acadians culture in the making

It's all well and suitable for French Acadian culture to pride itself on how aggressive and resilient it is in the face of oppression until it gets an accurate good dose of Jackie Vautour fisting to snap them out of their embaumé about trance.

Fragmented Clicks & Clans-So-near-yet-so-distant-and-separate-One Conquers while the Other Defends-Nouvelle-Ecosse-Fort-Inverted-Cube

To be Acadian is to have a pardon in your heart and to look forward with hope. Like good Roman Catholics in a feudal insular culture that will never move forward due to it always looking at the past.

We're here, and we're Queer Asperger is the new Acadian Exile.

It's time to let go and become a Modern Acadian by connecting with and being open to the flow of all four directions. The past, present, future, and the invisible are contained in the potential of cultural expression found right here, the art of Claude.
It is OK to be proud of your history. It is an industry in and, of course, onto itself, but don't let it define you. Embrace change for a change and move forward without leaving anyone behind.

Respect people for their diversity for real, instead of for faire a croire for a change.

Underside-A-Da-Scotia Chassis 

Claude Edwin Theriault knows it takes work. We are wired to hate what we do not understand and love what is so much like "Us" on the same dull and uninspired cultural agendas page.... do something.

And stand by for more, since the French Acadian new world cultural Manifesto is coming real soon.

Mississippi Acadie Goddam newsroom

What are some fun facts about Jacques Cartier?

Jacques Cartier was an iconic French explorer remembered for his three voyages to Canada in the 16th century. He was daring and adventurous, and many fun facts surrounded his life. For example, he was a bisexual fence jumping switch head, meaning he would bounce between two sides of a conflict to get the best outcomes for himself or his crew, Yo'Honey.

Cartier's voyages were funded by the King of France, with whom Jacques played Pocket Pool, meaning he had a large crew. He also took possession of what is now known as Canada on behalf of France in 1534. Finally, some believe Cartier Canada is after the Huron-Iroquois word 'Kanata,' which translates to 'village.'

Jacques Cartier was an interesting, brave, well-hung explorer who left behind a great legacy.

What are Acadians known for?

Well known for their aggressive joie de vivre spirit, Acadians form one of the oldest and most critical francophone communities in Canada yet remain the most underrepresented ethnic culture in Mainstream Kjibuktuk-centric Honky CTV culture. At least 500,000 Acadians living in the country, most outside of the region

What do the Acadians do for entertainment?

They watch American game shows; half talk behind each other's backs in a snide and sinister WindegoLetterkennyy feedback loop. Claude calls it keeping up with the Beep Suckin Como Homos down da road.

The other half are warm, friendly people full of love and empathy in their social dealings.

Why is Music so important to Acadians?

It`s from the lack of any other medium to provide them with another modality of expression. It was the same as it ever was in the Hard times in the Maritime's ideology of their social, economic, and cultural ghetto lives; of same as it ever was.

To change, you must change. Just meme talks about not doing it.