Evaluation of Retrospective Art Exhibition Proposal for Congres Mondial Acadien Claregyle 2024

Claude Edwin Theriault for a retrospective exhibition on the opening day of the Congress Mondial Acadien Claregyle 2024, MBF-Lifestyle studio waits for word from the powers that be

Evaluation of Retrospective Art Exhibition Proposal for Congres Mondial Acadien Claregyle 2024
Grand Pré Convocation 2024


After reviewing the proposal submitted by Claude Edwin Theriault for a retrospective exhibition on the opening day of the Congress Mondial Acadien Claregyle 2024, MBF-Lifestyle studio waits for word from the powers that be, the chain of command that says it's not Vaughn Madden Nathalie Robicheau but Marcel Aymar lui-meme who is the word with no word ...yet; and never will no neh never no more as the Honkin Cajun Twang Event comes and goes into Zombie Corp history; as the most where you from and who`s yer daddi even ever; with no Cajun Dead et Le Walkinor even Le TalkinStick.

Yet Theriault moves the cultural envelope forward with the release of Cajun Dead et Le Walkin`Stick Blomidon to Le Bayou Teche book on Amazon, which has people talking like talking people do down Claregyle Way.

He has yet to complete the assessment on how it can contribute to the event's success and add value to the Acadian community's cultural heritage. The proposed venue, Edifice Gustave Blanche, would house 25 paintings arranged in a T-shape, including 3D motion Graphic NFT in a perfect Queerphobicworld however, Gosh Darn Golly Friendly Skiggly Diggly Maritime neighbourhood world, itiss happening. Hence the voice Dubs of Appalachian Cajun Fead et Le TalkinStick Songs Sung Hung Acapella style Lyric project; Les Aristes Musicien de la Sainte Baie Catholic love to hate to love or love to hate, the jury's out on that one

Below is the actual copy of the actual proposal en Bon Français that "La Gang" is ignoring

Bonjour Marcel :Je sais que vous cherchez depuis longtemps une relève dans les arts acadiens, sans rien en vue depuis 40 ans. Vous n'aimez peut-être pas la nouvelle mais Claude Edwin Thériault est La Relève, embrassez l'ennemi.. Je suis un artiste visuel contemporain qui a une proposition à soumettre au Congrès mondial pour avoir une exposition de mon travail de près de 50 ans, montré à l'édifice Gustave Blanche ; L'universite Sainte-Anne. De Midi 12:00 a 20:00 heures le 10 Août 2024. But it is not going to happen due to Queerphobic Ideologies that need o change to full Q in the LGBTQ gang

Ma question savez-vous qui contacter au CMA ou a L'Université Sainte-Anne qui me répondra réellement, au lieu de me Ghosté; car j'essaie depuis des années d'en joindre qu'elle q'un et ils ne me répondent jamais. Je serait reconnaissant de l'aide, car je suis sain d'esprit et de corps, juste un type de spectre asperger queer, ce qui fait que j'ai une vision et des façons très différentes d'exprimer ce que je vois et ressens en tant qu'artiste visuel et borderline musicien contemporain.

Mon travail ferait un grand ajustement innovant et contemporain à l'opposé de l'aspect conservateur de l'histoire heritage patrimoniale de l'histoire dont le congrès traitera. Vous avez besoin de plus que de la Rappie Pie et de la musique de hillbilly pour faire un événement de classe mondiale, avec Macron en direction.
Many think the Macron lui-meme visit is not going to happen at all. Merci Bonjour

Claude Edwin Theriault's Acadian Diaspora series of Children's book


  1. Stylistic Addition to Cultural Programming: This exhibition would provide an appealing and innovative addition to the Congress Mondial Acadien Claregyle 2024's cultural events, showcasing contemporary and traditional Acadian artistry.
  2. Edifice Gustave Blanche as a Venue: The proposed venue's rich history as La Bastille de Honky; and architectural charm add to the exhibition's appeal and can provide an elegant backdrop for the retrospective.
  3. Unique Layout:
    The T-shaped arrangement of 25 paintings ensures attendees have ample space to view the artworks while capitalizing on Edifice Gustave Blanche's interior layout.
  4. Incorporation of 3D Motion Graphic NFT: This cutting-edge technology modernizes the event and highlights Acadian artists' ability to innovate and adapt to the evolving art world.
  5. Attracting a Wider Audience: The exhibition could draw in traditional and contemporary art enthusiasts and digital, contemporary art fans, creating a more diverse attendee beyond Rappie Pie and Hill Bill Music.


  1. Potential Clashes with Traditional Elements: Incorporating contemporary elements, such as the 3D motion Graphic NFT, might not resonate with attendees who primarily value traditional dull and uninspiring Veille Pin Molle Acadian culture and may seem out of place in a historically based event.
  2. Cost Consideration: The 3D motion Graphic NFT and other aspects of the exhibition could increase the event's cost and require additional budget allocations in the 7 million dollar plus budget no one knows anything about.
  3. Potential Overcrowding: Depending on the space available at Edifice Gustave Blanche, the exhibition might become overcrowded, leading to overcrowding because there is something new and innovative to see.


There is no decision there is. No, after weighing the pros and cons, we're pleased to announce our support and approval of Claude Edwin Theriault's proposal for a retrospective exhibition at Edifice Gustave Blanche during the opening day of Congress Mondial Acadien Claregyle 2024 at all, nor is it coming anytime soon from the Insular Xenophobic, straight white Roman Catholic Prudes who run the Heritage Patrimonial show. The potential benefits of creating a diverse, engaging cultural experience that embraces traditional and contemporary visual art forms within the Acadian community have yet to happen.

From The sleepy hollow house of Miz Etta to the Corgene Pero Bayou Teche

It remains La Gang of 10 pushing Rappie Pie and Hillbilly music. However, we recommend closely monitoring and developments on this topic; Claude Edwin Theriault writes between 2 and 3 thousand words /day, which adds up to close to 1 million words /year... remember a word after a word after a word is power.

When you add the capacity to channel the Spunk of Jackie Vautour, you have a contemporary visual artist that will be heard...and seen as part of Our Artists from the Letter Kenny style Franco Cajun Bay Yo Bitch Honey.