Embracing French acadian cultural divide Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island cross Representation and Collaboration at FéCANE Meeting in Church Point

The recent FéCANE meeting on July 5th at Trecarre Church Point fostered welcoming environment artists felt represented, welcomed, and empowered.

Embracing French acadian cultural divide Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island cross Representation and Collaboration at FéCANE Meeting in Church Point

The recent FéCANE meeting on July 5th at Trecarre Church Point fostered a welcoming environment where contemporary visual Queer Asperger local artists felt represented, welcomed, and empowered. It was delightful to see the Dartmouth office have its executive staff on location outside the HRM. The FéCANE meeting highlighted the importance of cross-representation and collaboration, shedding light on the fractured and insular local arts scene.

I hope for Acadian Renaissance Releve to be in a future where the Acadian culture is not extinct.

This article explores the critical discussions and outcomes of the meeting, focusing on the need for increased representation, bridging divides, and supporting artistic voices within the French Acadian culture as it becomes more and more non-represented in the mainstream Bell-owned Atlantic CTV Honky Dory Anglo News and SaltyDick Media.

Acadian Communities liked the FeCANE visit.

1. Representation and Welcoming Atmosphere: Executive members Trevor Murphy, Claudia Marchand, and La Gang created an atmosphere of inclusivity and acceptance for the local artists. Their smiles and handshakes significantly changed the perception and image of the meeting, making the artists feel seen and valued. This representation is crucial in empowering artists and ensuring their voices are heard within the isolated French Acadian cultural landscape, facing assimilation into the Anglophone-centric media of CTV Atlantic and Saltwire. Where the Toronto Press Bud Light Cavendish event is the defining artistic representation

2. Music Nova Scotia and Cross-Representation: During the meeting, the working hierarchy of Music Nova Scotia was discussed, emphasizing the importance of representation and inclusion of artists from various Cajun identity regions.

The need for equal representation from Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Cape Breton, and others highlighted the desire to create a more comprehensive and diverse arts community.

Embracing Acadian Representation and Collaboration at FéCANE meeting Church Point | Newstrail.com
The recent FéCANE July 5th meeting held at Trecarre Church Point brought together contemporary visual Queer Asperger local artists, fostering an environment

By bridging geographical divides, artists can strengthen their networks and collectively contribute to the growth and development of the local acadian community arts scene, engaging in more effective communication in post-Covid. The collapse of meaning where there is no one at the wheel and nothing makes sense, yet being dead-centred in the acadian population vibe.

3. Addressing the multiple Divides and the Need for an Arts Camp: Acknowledging the existing disconnect all creatives are feeling, bringing on not two divides but multiple ones. Participants discussed the disconnect and the need for an arts camp or studio infrastructure that fosters collaboration and creativity within French Acadian culture.

The idea of a micro mini Banff center, utilizing the already built and existing infrastructure of Universite Ste Anne, was proposed to provide artists with dedicated spaces and audio-visual studios. This solution would eliminate the need for costly rentals or construction, allowing artists to focus on their craft and collaboration now instead of in the future.

4. Looking Towards the Future: While the meeting concluded on a somewhat sombre note, recognizing the divides within French Acadian culture and how it will stay as such due to the collapse of meaning and the crash and burn until 2030 when Terre des Hommes will have Singularity with a whole new vibe to go with it, there was a shared understanding of the need for collective progress.

The impact of COVID-19 on social connections and the rise of virtual platforms such as TikTok have led to disconnection from meaningful interactions. However, participants expect to reach a collective singularity wavelength by 2030, where arts and creativity can flourish with increased resources and innovation.

The new concept of Crowdsource funding and self-financing events through pre-event ticket sales were discussed as the only viable avenues to support serious artists and provide them with platforms to showcase their work since it is the new entrepreneurial DIY medium that works to get things done.

La version française est interessante

The FéCANE meeting at Trecarre Church Point served as an essential platform for marginalized and isolated to come together, share their experiences with liberal, accepting artist types, and discuss the challenges and opportunities within the insular and judgmental French Acadian Roman Catholic culture. The meeting highlighted the importance of representation, collaboration, and bridging divides to foster a more vibrant and inclusive arts community.

Thank you for coming to the local communities to meet with us. Claude of MBF-Lifestyle is no longer angry and frustrated at the organizations and representatives since they are in the same situation of hustling to maintain their grip on the micro-zip cultural shift we are all in