Decentralizing the surveillance media state

Decentralize the surveillance state, it has always been here, it use to be the Church, now its TikTok and Fake book with attention highjacked pubic giving its yes I agree seal of approval.

Decentralizing the surveillance media state
Queer asperger artist decentralizing the surveillance media state, via blockchain.

Since it has always been here, it's time to decentralize the surveillance state. It used to be the Church, and now it's TikTok and Fakebook, with attention highjacked pubic giving its yes. I agree with the seal of approval since it lacks imagination and creativity. In the realm of 5G Decentralization and blockchain, the woke dialogue is looking to halt the surveillance state in its tracks and regain digital security, privacy, and sovereignty for citizens who’ve lost control of their data.

This decentralization will never succeed for digital identity, web infrastructure, social networks, and governance structures; we can combat what seems like a runaway surveillance state by taking back our power of voice.

In the end, everything always comes back to this: decentralization and the power we do have.

Decentralization is playing a significant role in attempts to counter the surveillance state. By decentralizing data and controlling personal information, users can reclaim their own digital identity while making it much harder for governments and corporations to track them. Decentralized systems also reduce the risk of centralized databases being hacked and personal data being stolen or misused. Additionally, they make it easier for individuals to access and share information securely without needing a third party.

As Edward Snowden has pointed out in his work on the Prism Five Eyes Agreement, decentralization of the surveillance state is essential to restore our digital security and privacy. Decent realization and blockchain technology can help to make this a reality in the 5G era. Through distributed ledger technology, users have much more control over their data. They can interact with others without worrying about the privacy implications or risk of identity theft. Decentralized networks also provide an extra layer of security; it does.

Being a Queer Asperger visual artist in the very insular provincial French Acadian culture of southwestern Nova Scotia, Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle east coast knows a thing or two about being censored with an invisible form of racism called ghosting.

3D NFT motion graphics beyond mainstream

Decentralized platforms allow him to call out the powers that be without having content publishing platform accounts shut down since you have no voice in politically controlled centralized mainstream media.

We are the only ones that can hold them accountable for their actions. No one else will if you do not do your due diligence, Honey.

The future of decentralization is bright, and its impact on the surveillance state cannot be underestimated. Decentralization provides a powerful tool to regain control over our data and regain our digital security and privacy. It gives people like Claude Edwin Theriault a chance to speak out against censorship without fear of retribution or suppression, which is endemic in these days of excellent reset change.

It's called the attention economy and has become a big business. People spend hours trying to get their content seen, heard, and read from their influencer soap box daily. However, on traditional social media platforms, the content you create today could be censored tomorrow. If you are a Queer Asperger visual artist, you know the local news media will not have anything to do with you and your dirty old MBF-Lifestyle East Coast narratives.

Until you discover the 100% censor-free digital ledger and its irrefutable longevity, that is when you can start learning how a word after a word after a comment equals power.

Mainstream media has enormous issues with the freedom of voice blockchain platforms offer

We create a more open, transparent, and secure digital environment by decentralizing our data. It will be interesting to see how this technology continues to evolve and what its impact is on the future of surveillance states. Mainstream likes to call it a dead-in-the-water scam, just like they said about the internet in 1982. However, it is a solid and thriving disruptive force that will render mainstream as obsolete as the 8-track cassette player...real soon.

Decentralization is the key to regaining control in the 5G era and reclaiming our digital sovereignty. Using decentralized systems and blockchain technology, we must ensure that our data remains safe and secure. By doing so, we can protect ourselves from the ever-advancing surveillance state and reclaim our right to privacy, especially in the art that uses the nude male archetype to depict Terre des Hommes humankind.

Platforms like Mastodon and steemit are part of the ever-expanding Fediverse ecosystem of many independently owned servers that can communicate with one another and share data. Hence, the term decentralized since you and your info are stored on thousands of servers instead of the politically controlled few.

It`s not that I am an anarchist. It simply is by natural selection and design of the Claude Edwin Theriault Queer artist voice; that I a need to claim my sovereignty, meaning the ability to choose the direction of one's own life and being the exclusive authority over one's own body and mind and right to expression. Many people need to learn this since they have little opinion, let alone a narrative voice beyond the dull and uninspired mainstream.

And declare it with press releases since straight white Anglo mainstream media in the excellent harbour of Kjipuktuk just do not get it; the honkies think the world thinks as they do.

It's time for us to regain control of our right to expression!