Contemporary French Canadian Artist POD Wall Design Youtube channel Mission statement

Claude Edwin Theriault POD Wall Artwork and Designs Video Channel that shares breathtaking art of Claude Edwin Theriault through video platform.

Contemporary French Canadian Artist POD Wall Design Youtube channel Mission statement
Innovative esoteric-inspired POD Wall Design from high

Claude Edwin Theriault POD Wall Artwork and Designs Video Channel is an innovative and creative business venture that shares the breathtaking artistry of Claude Edwin Theriault through a robust, engaging YouTube video platform. The heart of the venture is the unique value proposition of presenting Theriault's extraordinary use of controversial esoteric-inspired Archetypal imagery in his works in a digital, interactive medium, thereby creating an immersive art experience that reads like a Tarot Card deck for all viewers, regardless of their geographical area.

You can view more on the YouTube channel.

The honest self-representing business model of the Contemporary French Canadian Artist capitalizes on multiple revenue streams, such as direct sales of original artworks, POD services for art lovers seeking exclusive content, and honest tiered POD delivered to your door offerings that open new doors for art enthusiasts to engage with Theriault's artistry on varied levels. Theriault understands that each market segment has unique needs and desires, which we cater to with tailor-made strategies for a Liberal, forward-thinking, un-inhibited audience.

Theriault identifies his audience based on demographic, psychographic, and behavioural data, ensuring a highly targeted and effective marketing and content delivery approach. Through careful market segmentation, we can reach specific customer groups and provide an art offering that aligns with their eclectic liberal forward thinking and un-inhibited taste and interests in artworks with inspired and therapeutic visual narratives which are not for everybody.

Understanding the potential customers' challenges and pain points, we've developed a strong content strategy that is visually stimulating and emotionally resonating. By leveraging digital platforms like YouTube, we can present Theriault's work in a way that connects with our target audience and guides them through an inspiring purchasing journey to enrich their lives and living spaces.

Implementing the AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), we use compelling narratives about Theriault and his work to draw in our audience and keep them engaged. Our ultimate goal is to turn casual viewers into ardent patrons and admirers of Theriault's artistry, churning a sustainable business growth loop.

Above all, Claude Edwin Theriault Artworks Video remains steadfast in its mission to bring Theriault's incredible artwork to homes worldwide, striving to be an indisputable asset in the competitive landscape of digital art commerce.

The Power of Esoteric-Inspired Sacred Design:

The Contemporary art world has been changing rapidly in recent years, and one artist is pushing.

The boundaries of conventional aesthetics are Theriault. His approach to art is rooted in the principles.

Esoteric-inspired sacred design enables him to create works that captivate and calm the viewer.

Esotericism is the exploration of mystical knowledge often hidden from the modern world.

This knowledge concerns spiritual and metaphysical concepts and is often difficult to understand.

However, incorporating these principles into his artwork allows Theriault to create pieces.

Visually and spiritually impact his audience with the utility value they bring to their lives.

Sacred design is the expression of transcendent and divine ideas. It is a visual language.

That creates a sense of awe and reverence within the viewer.

Combining these concepts with esotericism allows Theriault to create a powerful visual

Language that speaks to the subconscious mind and taps into the collective

Unconsciousness, Carl Jung's style.

Colosseum Pieta Eterna

Problems Solved for Customers

- Provides a digitally accessible platform for art enthusiasts to explore Claude Edwin Theriault's artwork
- Solves geographical limitations by offering global accessibility to the artist's work
- Addresses the desire for interactive, engaging art experiences with dynamic video content that delivers a clear and concise message.
- Caters to the customers' need for exclusive art content and early access to new works
- Enables customers to connect and engage with Theriault's artistry on varied levels
- Resolves the issue of finding authentic and original artwork online

Customer Segments:

Terres des Hommes Tree of Life-Tower of Moses Mantra

- Art enthusiasts interested in exploring and acquiring unique, original sacred design artwork
- Online shoppers seeking to add distinctive pieces to their digital or physical art collection
- Subscribers looking for exclusive content and privileged access to first viewings and purchases
- Digital content consumers who enjoy storytelling and narratives around art and artists
- International art lovers seeking accessibility to artwork from renowned artists despite geographic limitations
- Patron segment can include art sponsors, institutions, and private art collectors

Unique Value Proposition:

Archetypal form in 3D Morphing Motion Graphic

- Offers an immersive, interactive digital platform for presenting Claude Edwin Theriault's artwork
- Provides global accessibility to limited and exclusive artworks
- Delivers exclusive subscriber content for in-depth and personalized art experiences
- Utilizes powerful narrative storytelling to enrich the art viewing and purchasing journey
- Connects art enthusiasts directly to the artist and the creative process
- Provides a secure platform for purchasing artworks and supporting a respected artist

Solutions Offered:

- A variety of subscription services and tiered offerings to meet the unique requirements of different art consumers
- Provides an engaging platform on YouTube to showcase Theriault's artwork
- Leverages the AIDA model for effective storytelling and customer engagement
- High-quality video presentations that provide an in-depth view of the artwork
- An online sales platform for purchasing original artwork sales platform for purchasing original artworks
- Exclusive content for subscribers to enrich their art experiences

Marketing Channels Used:

- YouTube for video content creation and direct interactions with consumers
- Digital newsletters for updates on new works, artist insights, and special offerings
- Social media platforms for wider reach and to build an online community around the art
- Direct sales for art purchase transactions
- Exclusive membership and subscription services
- SEO-driven website and blog content about the artist and his work

Revenue Streams:

- Direct sales of original artworks
- Subscription services for access to exclusive content and early viewings
- Tiered offerings for varied levels of engagement with the artwork
- Potential partnerships with galleries and art institutions
- Patron contributions from art sponsors and collectors
- Advertising revenue from digital platforms

Key Metrics:

- Number of subscribers and their growth rate
- Number of direct sales and revenue generated
- User engagement metrics on digital platforms like YouTube and social media
- Conversion rates from casual viewers to paying customers
- Customer loyalty rate, including repeat purchases and long-term subscriptions
- Revenue growth from various streams, including direct sales and subscriptions

Unfair Advantage:

- Exclusive access to the digital presentation of Claude Edwin Theriault's artworks
- The compelling narrative storytelling element in marketing, setting it apart from standard digital galleries
- A combination of multiple revenue models to cater to a broad set of customers, enhancing market reach
- Personalized, immersive art experiences aiming to turn viewers into patrons
- Robust, engaging video platforms, giving a distinct edge in the digital art commerce landscape
- Claude Edwin Theriault's artistry's reputation and recognizability offer underlying authenticity.

Customer personas beyond the mainstream
Apres le Deluge-Water Nymphs

Art Enthusiast Emma
Demographics: 25-35 years old, Unmarried, Urban dweller, Art history or humanities degree, Works in a creative field
Goals and Objectives: Expand personal art collection, Gain deeper knowledge about contemporary artists
Challenges and Pain Points: It is hard to discover original artworks, Difficult to understand artists' motivations and the story behind the art
Needs and Desires: Yearns for authentic and original art, Values the stories and inspirations behind artworks
Behavior and Habits: Regularly attends art exhibitions, Frequently browses art blogs and websites, Active on social media, Engages with artists online
Communication Channels: Digital platforms like YouTube, Social media platforms, Art forums, Email Newsletters
Key Takeaways: Requires deeper engagement with art, Prioritizes authenticity and originality, Digitally active
Additional Information: You might be interested in exclusive content or subscription services

Corporate Carl
Demographics: Male, 40-50 years old, Married, Holds a senior managerial position, Well-educated, High-income bracket
Goals and Objectives: Acquire high-quality pieces for corporate offices, Invest in art for potential future resale
Challenges and Pain Points: Limited time to visit galleries or exhibitions, Lack knowledge about emerging artists
Needs and Desires: Desires unique art pieces that can enhance the aesthetics of corporate spaces, Wishes for a convenient digital platform to explore artworks
Behavior and Habits: Delegates art-related tasks, Browses top-tier art websites, Regular LinkedIn user
Communication Channels: Emails, LinkedIn, Corporate events
Key Takeaways: Prefers convenience and time-efficiency, Sees art as an investment, Values premium art pieces
Additional Information: Might appreciate tiered offerings and high-end purchase opportunities.

Notre Dame de Paris Brule Ame et Corps

Creative Connie
Demographics: Female, 30-40 years old, Suburban resident, Graphic designer or creative entrepreneur, Enjoys hands-on creative projects
Goals and Objectives: Gain inspiration from art, Learn from noted artists like Theriault
Challenges and Pain Points: Struggles to find inspiring content, Desires more interaction with artists and their processes
Needs and Desires: Relies on unique and diverse art to fuel her creativity, Wishes to understand artists' thought processes
Behavior and Habits: Follows various artists on social media, Watches creative process videos on platforms like YouTube
Communication Channels: YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest
Key Takeaways: Highly engaged with online art content, Seeks understanding of artists' techniques and processes
Additional Information: You might be interested in creative tutorials or interviews with Theriault

Gallerist George
Demographics: Male, 35-50 years old, Runs a private gallery, Cultured and well-connected in the art world
Goals and Objectives: Discover unique pieces for exhibitions, Offer clients exclusive art pieces
Challenges and Pain Points: Finding original works for his clientele, Keeping up with the latest trends in digital artistry
Needs and Desires: Requires a reliable source for collecting unique artworks; desires insider knowledge about artists and their stories
Behavior and Habits: Regularly attends art fairs and auctions, Networks with artists and other gallerists
Communication Channels: Industry events, Private forums, Direct email
Key Takeaways: Prioritizes originality and exclusivity, Wants inside information about artworks and artists
Additional Information: Could benefit from direct sales of original artworks

Student Sam
Demographics: Male, 18-24 years old, Art or design student, Urban dweller, Lower-income bracket
Goals and Objectives: Learn from established artists, Gain deeper knowledge about the contemporary art scene
Challenges and Pain Points: Limited budget for purchasing art, Wants to expand his understanding of diverse art styles
Needs and Desires: Seeks easily accessible content to learn from, Appreciates behind-the-scenes views of an artist's process
Behavior and Habits: Highly active on digital platforms, Often browses artwork online, Frequently watches YouTube tutorials and artist features
Communication Channels: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Email newsletters
Key Takeaways: Engages heavily with educational content, Values affordability and accessibility
Additional Information: Could benefit from subscription services offering exclusive educational content

Thieves in the Temple tonight

Communication action plan:

The first step in Claude Edwin Theriault Artworks Video's communication action plan is to grab the viewers' attention. To do so, the company will utilize a combination of captivating video content shared across numerous digital platforms, including YouTube, a powerful website design, strategically placed digital ads, and compelling narratives about Theriault and his artwork beyond Grand Pré Acadie tourist brochures.

The content should spark curiosity and invite potential customers to examine Theriault's work closely. The business will also leverage search engine optimization to increase visibility and reach a larger audience. To maximize the effectiveness of these strategies, the content should highlight the business's UVP—the unique, immersive digital interaction with art.

Sacred design Crescent Moon Marbella Mandala

Interest is key to buying decisions:

The company will focus on cultivating a strong interest in Theriault's work and the digital platform in the interest stage. This includes creating engaging content that delves deeper into the artist's story, motivation, techniques, processes and the richness of his oeuvre, encouraging users to spend more time on the platform and explore the artworks more intensively. Additionally, the company will use retargeting strategies, including data-driven personalization, email marketing, retargeting ads, and social media engagement tactics to increase affinity among prospective customers.

Desire oh Yes:

To incorporate desire into the communication action plan, Claude Edwin Theriault's Artworks Video must portray Theriault's art as a must-have for potential customers. They can accomplish this by utilizing compelling testimonials from satisfied customers, case studies illustrating the value of being a part of the platform, and advisements of exclusive offers and packages. Showcasing high-quality images and videos of Theriault's art and sharing posts about how the pieces enhance spaces or contribute to art collections would deepen the desire. Additionally, the company must spotlight the benefits of tiered subscription services and content exclusivity to make their offer irresistible.

No Mans Land Moonrise Earth Stone Sky Moon -When you speak, I listen to Series

Action Reaction: Reaction Action in thyne place of residence.

In the final stage, the focus shifts to compelling the viewer to take action. Towards this stage, the company must ensure a seamless digital experience - an intuitive website design, an easy-to-navigate platform, a secure purchasing process, and a robust customer support system. Email marketing, highlighting limited-time offers or exclusive releases, can provide the necessary push to undecided potentials.

Strong calls to action across all platforms, various payment options, and a smooth checkout process will urge customers to purchase, sign up for subscriptions, or engage more intensively with Theriault's art. Balancing these elements will help convert leads into loyal customers and sustain business growth.

Marketing campaign messaging

Big Idea: "Transform your space with Claude Edwin Theriault's extraordinary artistry, now available in an immersive digital medium."

The tone of Voice: "Experience the power of Theriault's breathtaking work at your fingertips, brought to life with the magic of digital technology."

Call to Action: "Dive into Theriault's artistic universe; subscribe now for an unparalleled art journey."

Problem Awareness: "Craving unique art experiences but limited by geography? Discover Theriault's world without boundaries."

Solution Highlights: "Theriault's Artworks Video - Your gateway to extraordinary art, right from the comfort of your home."

Results Emphasis: "Become part of Theriault's growing community of art enthusiasts and transform your art expectations.

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View what the mainstream does not want you to see. the

Marketing channels & tactics


To drive visibility and engagement, Claude Edwin Theriault uses IG Rels of Cajun Dead et Le Talkin`Stick to weave an Appalachian Cajun Dead song hung Acapella narratives with subtext so you can sing along and make your copy on your profile artwork video on Instagram, the marketing strategy will focus on visually engaging content showcasing Theriault's extraordinary works. Galleries, behind-the-scenes videos, and eye-catching snippets are suited for this platform. User-generated content and collaborations with art influencers can also expand our reach, creating a community around our brand. The Instagram Shop feature will be leveraged for direct sales, transforming our profile into an online gallery cum store. As well as the Cajun Dead et Le Talkin Stick voice and song lyric dub demos beyond the mainstream.


Our Facebook strategy will prioritize interactive content formats such as Live videos, 360-degree photos, and Facebook Stories to showcase Theriault’s artistry. We have developed an engaging cadence of posts that include sneak peeks of upcoming works, interviews with the artist, and virtual tours of his workspace, thereby fostering a closer relationship with our audience. Facebook ads targeting our identified market segments will facilitate reach, while Facebook Groups can build a tight-knit community of Theriault admirers.


Our Twitter strategy will emphasize real-time updates, artist quotes, art trivia, and brief reflections on the creative process, aiming to engage followers in conversations. Twitter Chats on specific themes related to our offerings may yield repeat visits and increase brand loyalty. We also track trending art topics to keep our content current. User mentions and retweets can amplify visibility, while Twitter Ads target potential customers.


On LinkedIn, we foster professional network engagements and attract business partnerships. Content will lean towards industry insights, art investment advice, and thought leadership articles penned by the artist himself to position Claude Edwin Theriault's Artworks Video as an authority in the art world. LinkedIn's advanced targeting capabilities can also be harnessed to reach potential high-net-worth customers, art investors, and galleries.


A robust how the artwork is made work in progress, with political statements on the state of things in the Contemporary French Canadian arts and culture and politicians dealing politics up to Dah `Whore house all night long YouTube strategy. Which is critical since much of our content is video-based. We'll feature high-quality, immersive videos of Theriault's artwork, interviews, and creative process. Keyword-optimized descriptions will facilitate discoverability, while end screens and annotations will promote viewer actions. The YouTube community and channel section features will foster a sense of community.

TikTok not so much

We may start the experiment on TikTok with short, dynamic video formats that tap into current trends and challenges. Our content will illuminate the vibrant personality behind the artworks, showing the artist at work while incorporating popular music and hashtags. Collaborating with art-loving TikTok influencers could also boost our reach on this platform.

Email Newsletters:

Our email newsletters will give subscribers an exclusive, inside look at Theriault’s world. Content will include insider updates, the latest artwork releases, and pre-sales alerts. Personalized recommendations and tailored content based on user preferences will keep subscribers invested. Well-crafted headlines and CTAs will boost open rates and engagement.

Webinars not yet:

Our webinars will one day offer subscribers and potential customers a rich, educational experience. We'll host sessions on art appreciation, understanding Theriault’s style, or investing in art. Featuring guest speakers and interactions with Theriault will provide added value, driving sign-ups and attendance. Promotional efforts can involve targeted email campaigns, social media promotions, and enticing webinar descriptions.

Workshops no need:

In-person or virtual workshops may someday do them and provide an immersive, hands-on understanding of Theriault’s technique and style. These events offer an excellent chance to generate sales, as attendees may feel inspired to own a piece of the art they've acted with. Marketing these workshops can involve partnerships with local venues or online platforms, email invitations to our mailing list, and careful timing to maximize seasonal or holiday purchase tendencies.

View extensive collection on Tumblr.

Image prompts for social media imagery

  1. Big Idea: "Visualize a high-tech yet minimal, futuristic environment —think white walls with a splash of vibrant colours— suddenly transforming into an immersive collage of Claude Edwin Theriault's vivid and passionate artworks. A spotlight should be focused on a digital screen that showcases the dynamic change of surroundings."
  2. Tone of Voice: "Imagine a scene where a pair of hands hold an iPad displaying Theriault's stunning art. They're exploring his masterpieces in all their intricate detail via touch, bringing them to embarrassing life. The background should be clouded in an aura of magic and intrigue, hinting at the transformative power of digital technology."
Eros and Pysche Wrestle anbd Eclipse Saturn
  1. Call to Action: "Depict a scene where a thrilled individual is at the edge of a diving board, ready to plunge into a pool that mirrors Theriault's mesmerizing artistic universe. Above the pool, an enticing sign reads 'Subscribe Now.'"
  2. Problem Awareness: "Create an illustration of a distressed individual, trapped within a world map, gesturing towards a museum or gallery positioned far away. Next to him, a digital portal opens to a world brimming with Theriault's magical creations."
  3. Solution Highlights: "Design a serene living room setting. The focal point should be a large, sleek TV that displays clips from Theriault's Artworks Video collection. The room's design should subtly reflect the style and colour of the visible artwork, thus emphasizing its transformative potential."
  4. Results Emphasis: "Craft a vibrant digital community meeting of diverse people engaging in deep discussions, sharing their interpretations, and creating sketches based on Theriault's art. Each individual represents unique viewpoints, reflecting Theriault's art's transformative impact on them."

Theriault's extraordinary works in a digital, interactive medium create an immersive art experience for all viewers.

The POD wall art of Theriault