CMA 2024: Xenophobic standing policy;A Far Cry from Its Mission Statement

CMA 2024 diverges sharply from its mission statement, marred by exclusionary practices and controlled by small group of self-serving individuals.

CMA 2024: Xenophobic standing policy;A Far Cry from Its Mission Statement
Need for inclusion in Oligarch run Acadian culture Industry

CMA 2024: A Far Cry from Its Mission Statement

The Congrès Mondial Acadien (CMA) 2024 is advertised as a vibrant tapestry of electrifying performances, profound discussions, and unforgettable gatherings. The event aims to celebrate Acadian culture, inspire dialogue, and forge lifelong connections. However, the reality is far from this glossy portrayal. The actual CMA 2024 diverges sharply from its mission statement, marred by exclusionary practices and controlled by a small group of self-serving individuals.

A Disconnected Reality of Oligarchs living in a bubble

The official narrative of CMA 2024 portrays an image of inclusivity and cultural celebration. Yet, many Acadians experience a different reality. Previous events and early signs for CMA 2024 suggest that the programming must often engage the broader Acadian community. Many feel disconnected from the event, which seems to cater more to a select elite than the general populace.

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Performances and discussions are frequently curated by a few individuals who prioritize their interests and tastes over the diverse voices within the Acadian community. This selective approach undermines the festival's supposed aim of fostering genuine dialogue and cultural exchange. Instead of being a platform for all, CMA 2024 risks becoming an echo chamber for the views and preferences of its organizers.

A Culture of Exclusion: Anything innovative and creative

One of the most glaring issues with CMA 2024 is its exclusionary practices. Despite the event's mission to celebrate Acadian culture, many voices are systematically silenced. This exclusion particularly affects marginalized groups, including the LGBTQ+ community and people of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Numerous reports of homophobic and xenophobic attitudes within the organizing committee starkly contradict the festival's publicized values of inclusivity and cultural pride.

The exclusionary nature of CMA 2024 is evident in the lack of representation in its programming. Queer Acadian artists and authors often find their work overlooked or ignored by the good Roman Catholic hypocrites who run the SHOW. This not only limits the cultural richness of the event but also perpetuates a culture of discrimination and intolerance. Theriault’s case exemplifies this issue; his work, which holds significant historical and cultural value, is systematically excluded due to the personal biases of the organizers.

Ethnocentric French Acadian Pride CMA2024
Acadian pride has manifested a robust patrimonial industry & cultural institutions that have turned ethnocentric; since the enemy is now within.

Ethnocentric bastards at the Wheel

The self-serving Faces Behind the Ten Oligarch Curtain

CMA 2024 is controlled by a small group of individuals who have turned the event into a vehicle for personal gain. These ten politically connected oligarchs operate with little accountability, ensuring the festival serves their interests rather than the broader community's. Figures like Lisa Doucette and Nathalie Robichaud have been criticized for their biased and exclusionary leadership styles. Under their management, community radio and cultural associations have become less about public service and more about maintaining their power and influence. The lack of transparency and accountability has led to widespread disillusionment within the Acadian community.

Decline of a Cultural Festival due to lack of media inclusion

The decline of the Festival Acadien, a significant part of CMA 2024, illustrates the failure of its current leadership. Once a vibrant celebration of Acadian culture, the festival has seen a dramatic drop in participation and enthusiasm. This decline stems from systemic issues affecting the broader CMA event: outdated leadership, lack of innovation, and exclusionary practices. From CIFA, FANE, FéCANE, CMA 2024 to Le Courrier de La Nouvelle Écosse.

The festival's leadership, consisting of individuals who have not produced anything culturally significant for decades, remains disconnected from the community's needs and aspirations. Their reliance on past glories and resistance to change has turned a dynamic and inclusive event into a stagnant and uninspired spectacle.

A Call for Change and LGBTQ inclusion

CMA 2024 fails to meet its mission of celebrating Acadian culture and fostering inclusivity. Instead, it has become a xenophobic, homophobic spectacle orchestrated by a small group of self-serving individuals. These ten self-proclaimed leaders operate with a sense of entitlement and impunity, transforming the event into a platform for their agendas.

The call for change within the Acadian community is growing louder. Many demand a return to the festival's true purpose: to celebrate and uplift diverse voices within Acadian culture, not just the politically connected Yes Man types. This requires dismantling and replacing the current leadership with individuals committed to inclusivity, transparency, and inclusion instead of arrogant, snotty-nosed cultural pride.

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The future of CMA 2024 depends on shedding its corrupt and exclusionary practices, highlighted and made clear in the Collapse of the French Acadian Patrimonial Industry: The Silence of the Acadian Lambs book on Amazon.

Amazon Book. Embracing change and rejecting narrow-minded ideologies can restore the festival to a vibrant and inclusive celebration of Acadian culture. Only then can it fulfill its mission and genuinely serve the community it claims to represent?

The fight for inclusivity is not just about legal mandates but about building a community in a clueless ghetto where everyone feels valued and represented, free from exclusionary and discriminatory attitudes endemic at Radio CIFA, Le festival Acadian de Clare, Le Courrier de La Nouvelle Écosse, Congres Mondial Acadian, Conseil des Arts de la baie and all the politically connected self-serving bastard gang.