Contemporary French Canadian Artworks of Merit

Theriault, a premiere Contemporary digital artist famed for his innovative use of design elements to create unique and captivating artworks.

Contemporary French Canadian Artworks of Merit
Contemporary French Canadian Artworks of Merit

Embark on a visual journey with Claude Edwin Theriault, a premiere digital artist famed for his innovative use of design elements to create unique and captivating artwork. The platform that houses his work serves as a digital sanctuary of inspiration for artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts, providing a space to explore and purchase eclectic art pieces crafted by Theriault.

Claude's work showcases his expert use of the digital medium to create pieces that are not merely decorative but also communicate deep philosophical and cultural narratives. From his "Hibernia Torque Flow State Build" to other digital masterpieces, his work integrates abstract concepts, natural elements, and thought-provoking symbolism, cultivating a mesmerizing digital landscape for viewers.

The MBF-Lifestyle studio connects art enthusiasts with Theriault's unique work and fosters an appreciation for digital art forms. We offer a variety of print-on-demand products and merchandise—from framed prints to coffee mugs.

Veni Vidi Vici

Further extending our offerings, we feature other works across various artistic styles and genres. We cater to artistic tastes, from Sacred designs to ethereal golden ratio landscapes. Our platform also provides opportunities for other collectors with liberal forward, forward-thinking, un-inhibited tastes to find innovative artwork, inspiring a vibrant and dynamic digital art community.

Whether you're an avid art collector, an artist seeking exposure, or a shopper looking for unique decorative pieces or inspired gifts, Claude Edwin Theriault offers a one-stop solution to fulfill your art-related desires. Our promise is high-quality craftsmanship, uncompromising customer service, and a commitment to bringing Theriault's transformative art into the lives and homes of our customers around the globe.

Business Insights of note: We do not have artwork for everyone; just for very eclectic Liberal Forward thinking Un-inhibited types:

Problems Solved for Customers
- Provides heavily artistic and culturally nuanced digital artworks for art collectors and enthusiasts.
- Offers various artwork, catering to different themes and artistic preferences, thereby giving customers multiple choices.
- Facilitates easy access to high-quality prints, home décor, and merchandise adorned with unique artworks to enhance customers' aesthetic living experiences.
- Enables the ability to transform personalized spaces into an aesthetic haven through various products featuring extraordinary art.
- Supplies artwork for corporate or residential settings, enriching the ambiance and elevating the aesthetic charm of any environment.

Customer Segment of note: On Opensea NFT

French Canadian contemporary artist of note

- Art collectors and enthusiasts looking for unique, cultural, and philosophical Archetypal narratives in digital artworks.
- Individuals keen on home and office décor seeking distinctive pieces that resonate with their aesthetic preferences.
- Corporate businesses desire to enrich their office environments with thought-provoking and aesthetically pleasing artworks.
- Clients keen on personalized gifts, apparel, and merchandise featuring fascinating digital artworks.

Unique Value Proposition:

- Claude Edwin Theriault offers digital artworks unique for their complex layering of abstract concepts, natural elements, and deep symbolism.
- The platform provides high-quality prints, wall art, and merchandise that perfectly capture the intricacy and essence of the original artworks.
- The artist's innovative use of design forms offers a fresh perspective in the digital art domain, making him a standout in the industry.
- The platform exposes customers to various themes and genres, making it a go-to choice for distinct and eclectic artwork.

Solutions Offered:

- To stay within the merchandise spectrum, provide digital artworks in various forms, such as framed prints and coffee mugs.
- Take special interest in accurately representing the artist's work through superb printing and finishing techniques.
- Maintain an efficient online platform with user-friendly interfaces allowing customers to browse, select, and purchase easily.
- Encourage artists to join the platform, increasing the diversity and richness of artworks available to customers.
- Offer frequent promotional deals to engage customer interest and enhance affordability.
- Provide customer support to help solve any issues regarding orders, deliveries, or product quality.

Marketing Channels Used:

- The platform is a primary marketing channel, allowing direct customer engagement.
- Social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to showcase artworks and promote sales.
- Email newsletters to keep customers updated about new additions, artist features, and sales promotions.
- Collaborative ventures with art expos, galleries, and fairs to broaden reach and recognition.
- Print and digital media advertising to reach a broader customer base.
- SEO techniques to increase visibility and grow organic traffic.

Revenue Streams:

- Sales of digital artworks in multiple forms, such as framed prints, posters, apparel, and other merchandise.
- Profits from collaborations and partnerships with other businesses or artists.
- Licensing of digital artworks for commercial use.
- Sales of gift cards for art enthusiasts to gift unique artwork to their loved ones.
- Premium subscriptions for artists seeking enhanced visibility and sales features.
- Profits from featuring and selling the works of other artists on the platform.

Key Metrics:

- Sales revenue generated from selling digital artworks and merchandise.
- Number of new and returning customers.
- Customer satisfaction rates based on reviews and feedback.
- Social media engagement counts involving likes, shares, and comments.
- Website traffic and usage analytics.
- Number of artworks sold per artist.

Unfair Market Advantage:

- Unique and innovative digital artwork style sets the artist, Claude Edwin Theriault, apart from competitors.
- Exquisite blend of abstract concepts, natural elements, and thought-provoking symbolism that feeds into the desires of modern-day art enthusiasts.
- High-quality prints and merchandise that precisely capture the essence of the original digital artworks.
- Offering an inclusive platform for other artists to feature and sell their works creates a diverse and rich digital art community.
- Rapid delivery and superior customer service to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Customer personas that are eclectic and refined in their taste

Ardent ArtEnthusiastt from Abudabi toBangaloreArdent ArtEnthusiastt from Abudabi to Bangalor
- Demographics: male, late 30s, Single, Occupied in Interior design, lives in an urban area, high disposable income
- Goals and Objectives: To discover unique artwork to display in one's own home and to recommend to clients
- Challenges and Pain Points: Difficulty in finding unique and contemporary art pieces, long lead times for artwork delivery
- Needs and Desires: Wide variety of artwork to choose from, quick delivery, high-quality prints
- Behavior and Habits: Visits galleries and exhibits regularly, often researches artists online, likes to keep up with the latest design trends
- Communication Channels: Art newsletters and online art communities, Social media platforms
- Key Takeaways: Prefers unique, contemporary designs, interested in the story behind the art
- Additional Information: Always open to learning about artists and the inspiration behind their work

Persona Name: Devoted Digital Art Dante:

artist to watch

- Demographics: Male, mid-20s, Freelance Digital Artist, lives in a metro city
- Goals and Objectives: Learning about different digital art techniques, looking for inspiration
- Challenges and Pain Points: Limited accessible resources for understanding complex digital art techniques
- Needs and Desires: In-depth information about the art creation process, insights from accomplished digital artists
- Behavior and Habits: Regularly browse art-focused websites, frequently experiment with different digital art software
- Communication Channels: Online tutorials, art blogs, digital art forums
- Key Takeaways: Interested in the digital art creation process, constantly seeking to improve his skills
- Additional Information: Appreciates art that incorporates intricate details and innovative techniques

Persona Name: Passionate Collector Patrick:

- Demographics: Male, 50s, CEO of a Tech company, avid art collector
- Goals and Objectives: Expand his art collection with unique digital artworks
- Challenges and Pain Points: Limited knowledge about digital art, uncertainty about the value of digital art as an investment
- Needs and Desires: Detailed information about artworks, guidance on identifying high-value pieces
- Behavior and Habits: Attends art auctions, consults with art advisors, travels frequently for business and leisure
- Communication Channels: Art magazines, art auction websites, personal contacts in the art world
- Key Takeaways: Looking for unique pieces to add to his collection, he desires assurance about the long-term value of his investments
- Additional Information: Places value on the story and concept behind each piece of art

Persona Name: Casual Browser Becky:

- Demographics: Female, early 30s, corporate employee, casual art enthusiast
- Goals and Objectives: Looking for affordable art pieces to decorate her home
- Challenges and Pain Points: Limited budget, indecisiveness due to lack of art knowledge
- Needs and Desires: Affordable art, easy-to-understand information about different art styles
- Behavior and Habits: Browses art online in her free time, enjoys visiting art fairs
- Communication Channels: Social media, email newsletters, lifestyle blogs
- Key Takeaways: Looking for attractive and affordable art, values convenience in shopping
- Additional Information: Prefers pieces that can serve as conversation starters

Persona Name: Gift Shopper Gary:

- Demographics: Male, 40s, Small Business Owner, looking for unique gifts for clients
- Goals and Objectives: Find unique and memorable gifts for clients
- Challenges and Pain Points: Shortage of unique and thoughtful gifts, time constraints
- Needs and Desires: Quick and efficient online shopping, gift ideas
- Behavior and Habits: Buys gifts in bulk, prefers shopping online due to time constraints
- Communication Channels: Online marketplaces, business networks
- Key Takeaways: Prefers bulk purchasing, values quality and uniqueness in gifts
- Additional Information: Values products with a story or background information.

Communication action plan:

Our communication strategy for garnering attention involves the generation of engaging, visually striking content that highlights the unique and mesmerizing nature of Claude Edwin Theriault's digital art. The plan utilizes various channels to extend our reach, including social media, art platforms, and email marketing campaigns. The focus will be on creating captivating graphics, intriguing snippets of Theriault's work, and promotional messages highlighting the artist's innovation.


To further fuel interest in Claude Edwin Theriault's art, our communication plan involves delving deeper into the stories behind his work. The goal is to connect the audience with Claude's art by sharing insight into his inspirations, technique, and the abstract concepts represented in his pieces. We’ll leverage blog posts, artist interviews, and behind-the-scenes content, transforming casual observers into engaged followers.


Building desire will revolve around painting the value of owning a Claude Edwin Theriault piece. We will emphasize the potential of his art pieces as investment opportunities, showcasing their exclusivity and value appreciation. Also, we plan to underline the functional element of Theriault's art — how it can serve as statement pieces in homes and offices, instantly elevating spaces with its contemporary appeal. Leveraging customer testimonials and featuring Theriault's art in various real-life contexts will be part of this strategy.


Our communication strategy relies heavily on clear calls to action to encourage action—whether buying art, signing up for our newsletter, sharing our content, or attending our events. We’ll present our audience with easy, straightforward ways to purchase or engage with our content while sweetening the deal with promotional offers, limited edition pieces, and exclusives for our member community. Email campaigns, social media contests, and interactive website features will be part of our approach.

Marketing campaign messaging
Lamassu Eth Rotunda by Claude Theriault
Lamassu Eth Rotunda Digital Art by Claude Theriault

Print on Demand

Big Idea: "Explore the transformative power of digital art with Claude Edwin Theriault."
The tone of Voice: "Add a touch of innovation to your decor with our unique digital art pieces."
Call to Action: "Immerse yourself in the world of digital art – Explore our collection today!"
Problem Awareness: "Bored of conventional art? Experience the twist of digital artistry with us."
Solution Highlights: "From serene landscapes to abstract imagination: Claude Edwin Theriault has it all in digital form!"
Results Emphasis: "Add life to your living spaces with the captivating narrative of our digital masterpieces."

Marketing channels & tactics


Our Instagram strategy will leverage Theriault's captivating digital art, showcasing exquisite visuals in a colour-coordinated, stylized feed that reflects the brand's unique aesthetic. Content will include behind-the-scenes footage of the creation process, short video snippets, and high-quality images of our products in various settings. We will also engage viewers through Instagram polls and Q&A sessions in Stories and partner with art influencers who can help broaden our reach.


Facebook's broad demographic and multifunctional elements make it a great platform for multi-pronged content. Our strategy includes posting regular art updates, sharing blog content around digital art trends, and featuring customer testimonials with real-time usage of our products. We will also host regular live streams featuring Theriault discussing his inspiration and processes and answering fan questions. Utilizing Facebook's marketplace function to sell work directly will also be a key revenue strategy.


Our Twitter strategy will revolve around engaging in current discussions relevant to digital art and culture. By tweeting dynamic content like digital art insights, retweets from customers, upcoming trends, and thought-provoking questions, we aim to spark discussions and interest around our brand while also establishing Claude Edwin Theriault as a thought leader in the digital art world.


On LinkedIn, we will position Claude Edwin Theriault as a high-calibre digital artist and business professional. We'll share articles on the business of digital art, the role of technology in art, and new developments in our company. Highlighting high-profile collaborations and participation in notable events will further enhance brand value.


YouTube's platform will feature engaging, high-quality videos, including Theriault speaking about his work, time-lapse videos of the creation process, and virtual gallery tours. By optimizing the use of tags and SEO in our uploaded videos, we can also increase visibility and draw more traffic to both our channel and website.

TikTok Not Yet

TikTok's viral potential and young, trend-leaning audience make it a key engagement platform. Short videos showcasing our business's creativity, uniqueness, and behind-the-scenes processes, combined with trending hashtags and challenges, will aim to foster a more youthful, dynamic branding while reaching a larger audience.

Email Newsletters Gumroad style

We will send curated bi-weekly newsletters featuring updates on new art pieces, exclusive insights into Theriault's creative process, upcoming events, and promotional offers. Personalized recommendation sections based on past purchases or browsing history will also be included to increase conversion rates and customer retention.

Webinars coming soon

We'll host monthly webinars featuring Theriault to educate and engage our audience. These webinars can discuss the evolution of digital art, the intersection of technology and art, and techniques for fellow digital artists, creating opportunities for audience interaction and brand loyalty.

Workshops aiming for a Moncton N.B. Location

We will conduct annual in-person or virtual workshops with Theriault and other guest digital artists. These workshops, which provide hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of digital art creation, will serve as an additional revenue stream and a powerful brand presence tool. By offering paid tickets or exclusive workshop merchandise, we aim to generate more income while strengthening the community around our brand.

Image prompts for social media imagery

  1. Image prompt for Big Idea: "Create a visual that illustrates the essence of digital art – a mixture of digital mediums, software and tools intertwined with Claude Edwin Theriault's creative processes while working on his latest masterpiece."
  2. Image prompt for Tone of Voice: "Imagine a chic, modern living space adorned with a vibrant digital art piece by Claude Edwin Theriault. In the prompt, reflect the digital artwork's innovative and unique stylistic details."
  3. Image prompt for Call to Action: "Visualize an intriguing doorway or portal opening into a world filled with Claude Edwin Theriault's digital art, inviting the viewer to step in and explore the collection in depth."
  4. Image prompt for Problem Awareness: "Visualize a stark, monotonous gallery of traditional art. Suddenly, one of the walls morphs into a bright, captivating digital art canvas by Claude Edwin Theriault, adding a surprising twist to the scene."
  5. Image prompt for Solution Highlights: "Showcase a collage of Claude Edwin Theriault's range of digital art – serene landscapes, wild abstractions, and unique character designs, all in vibrant colour and intricate digital detail."
  6. Image prompt for Results Emphasis: "Imagine a before and after scenario: a dull, lifeless living area transformed by the presence of one of Claude Edwin Theriault's digital masterpieces, breathing life and narrative into the space."