Archetypes in the Saeculum cycle of Cefi to Defi Contemporay artists narratives

Esoteric-inspired sacred design, golden ratio NFTs to create striking pieces that reflect the movement and financial revolution that DeFi brings.

Archetypes in the Saeculum cycle of Cefi to Defi Contemporay artists narratives
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As the world embraces the shift from centralized finance (CeFi) to decentralized finance (DeFi), a new wave of contemporary artists is emerging to capture this transformation. The exhibition "Transitioning 3D Motion Graphics Landscapes" brings together the works of influential artists who use their skillful manipulation of Esoteric-inspired sacred design, golden ratio, and 3D motion graphics on the Ethereum blockchain through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to create striking pieces that reflect the movement and financial revolution that DeFi brings.

These digital masterpieces highlight the creative explosion of archetypal footprints in the Saeculum cycle of money and finance.

The featured artists, carefully selected for their innovative approach to the subject matter and their appeal to young, blockchain-savvy coders, draw inspiration from the rapid pace of change and its subsequent impact on society.

Claude Edwin Theriault @MBF-Lifestyle

modern contemporary NFT artwork Claude Edwin Theriault
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The collection piece of one is the theme running through the visual woke dialogue narrative artwork of Claude Edwin Theriault, whose esoteric-inspired NFT pieces perfectly capture the spirit of this new financial era. Theriault's sacred designs, which incorporate the golden ratio, evoke feelings of interconnectedness and serve as a bridge between the analog world of traditional finance and the digital revolution presented by Interconnected chain links in DeFi so that the different source code languages can communicate from one smart contract to another intelligent contract on another chair, like Teter to Ethereum to Cardano, AND back home to Solana for the weekend.

An Evolving Ecosystem on the Hoof 3D POD Style

Theriault's "An Evolving Ecosystem" depicts a swirling mass of geometric shapes interlocking and evolving as they merge, reflecting the dynamic and participatory nature of DeFi. The figures seem to dance to a rhythm that conveys the growing harmony between technology and economy, making it impossible not to notice the artist’s integration of complex emotions and philosophical layers.

Recoding Prosperity frame by frame on digital akashic/ledger

The extensive use of ETH as an archetype is another powerful piece by Theriault that consolidates the transformation from CeFi to DeFi. The artwork showcases an intricate web of symbolic visual language where layers of financial ecosystems intertwine with the emergence of new possibilities. The audience is encouraged to decipher these codes and grasp the ideas of economic democratization and community-driven economics that underline the DeFi paradigm shift.

Besides Claude Edwin Theriault, other trailblazing contemporary artists contributing to the exhibition explore various themes associated with DeFi's immersion in the financial world, including decentralization, accessibility, and inclusivity for a change from the walled gardens of the art world industry.

Breaking the mainstream banking rules with interconnected Cha Cha Chains

MBF-Lifestyle creates a visually stunning piece that blends traditional sacred design with the golden ratio and digital art forms. Fragmented shackles symbolize the broken restraints of centralized control. DeFi's promise of empowering individuals to take charge of their financial destinies is exemplified by embedding decentralized motifs in the artwork.

The Consensus Mosaic by MBF-Lifestyle

InukSuk Consensus Mosaic” speaks to transparency, security, and trustlessness inherent to DeFi, let alone TradeFi, which is another kettle of fish altogether. The artwork boasts a fragmented glass piece reminiscent of blockchain's fundamental structure. Each shard represents an individual transaction, coming together to form a secure, decentralized, and self-governing financial ecosystem.

As "Transitioning 3D motion graphic brand logo Landscapes" displays these masterpieces in a visually arresting and immersive manner, viewers are guided to explore and engage with the wealth of emotion and symbolism within each piece. By presenting these works of NFT art within the unfolding story of the CeFi to DeFi transformation, Claudio is so crazy about it.


And the temptation concealed behind the glass door in the Cathedral of Narcissus