About us:mission statement

Claude at MBF-Lifestlye NFT and Print on Demand metal wall art studio.

About us:mission statement
French Acadian artist about us mission statement

The nature of contemporary art breakthroughs and innovations is complex and multifaceted. While it is true that there are often cyclical trends in the art world, there are also many new and groundbreaking ideas that emerge regularly.

Contemporary art constantly evolves; artists explore new mediums, techniques, and subject matter. Some innovations build upon existing trends or movements, while others break away entirely and create new paths for the art world.

Social, political, and cultural trends often influence contemporary art, which can shift and change over time. This means that while specific themes or approaches to the art may become famous for a time, they will likely evolve and change in response to the broader world around them.

While there may be cyclical trends in contemporary art, many new and innovative breakthroughs emerge regularly, reflecting the constantly evolving nature of the art world.

When not active in my art gallery career, I write extensive, accurate articles on Men's anti-aging longevity therapies.

Claude Edwin Theriault is a Men's Health Beauty therapist, visual artist, and innovative NFT designer.

He constantly creates his unique 'Insignia/Crest for Virtual Real Estate properties in the emerging metaverse sphere.

His work is part of the Mass Adoption Tokenization movement that helps give artists fair Sovereign representation in the disproportioned and constantly shifting modern and contemporary art industry while earning recognition and an income all at once.

On the merit of his design work, he was awarded the 2021 Hermes Creative Design Platinum Award while being inspired by beauty in the Heavens in the skies above the North Atlantic Eastern Seaboard.

The visual narratives woven into the Tartan fabric he weaves sacred blend designs with archetypal imagery, such as the Tall ship Helmsman with ancient Sumerian king's hieroglyphics from the Tree of Life, Kabbalah to Torah, and more.

To offer utility value designs brought together from centuries of collective stories above land, we walk deep down beneath oceans, conscious and subconsciously, through time.

The online art gallery of Nova Scotia French Acadian painter Claude Edwin Theriault is a must-see for Liberal forward-thinking, un-inhibited type art lovers. Featuring an extensive body of artworks on paper and oil on canvas from 1980 to 2020, the collection showcases Theriault's evolution as an artist to his current thought-provoking 3D motion graphic work with aesthetic value like you seldom come across.

Modern contemporary VIP concierge Ronds point du Bebarcadaire pour toi cherries

From early Nova Scotia folk art inspiration to shamanic First Nations-inspired pieces, his current symbolist paintings, and 3D NFT Motion Graphics. The Queer Asperger perspective on things found in the art of Claude Edwin Theriault's work is unique and engaging.

Part of the dream Archetypal Glass Bead Game consciousness, each painting

tells in its own story; while also contributing to the greater narrative.

With mostly male nudes representing Terre de Hommes as well as esoteric, ethereal concepts not found in mainstream Wayfair home decor ideas in the mainstream.

This gallery, built on a censor-free platform of Titan security, will interest liberal, forward-thinking uninhibited types looking for something different they can feel for a change.

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