3D Digital Artwork on Blockchain

3D Digital Artwork on Blockchain
Status-Intrepid-&-Vertues-Vertitas-seafaring-Tallship Helmsman-Clan Series.

View the controversial 3D Digital Vertues-Vertitas Artwork on             Blockchain...

The esoteric Inspired totemic imagery used by Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle are setting themselves apart since they are guided by the beauty in the heavens. Delivering a 3D motion graphic design experience that provides a sensorial feeling the viewers simply cannot get in static non-motion images.

The 3D Motioj Graphic NFT  logo design is built with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of brand identity that allows Brands to effectively communicate their purpose and values through a universal archetypal language.

Parthenon and the 231 Gates of Knowledge via the connecting 22 points, 231 lines Scred design all around, if we could but see it .

If a Logo is like an eloquent conversation, then MBF-Lifestyle are ushering in the age of NFT metaverse branding with esthetic value that actually says something a visual form of Leonards shinin`light  beacon voice  from the spoken word tower of song.. They are also at the forefront of understanding how to create meaningful

stories with deeper meaning embedded into their brand identity that unlocks hidden paths to help companies reach their target audience. The end result? An inspired, contemporary branding experience that is timeless and inspiring. Not only is it a pleasure to look at but it also resonates with people on an emotional level - allowing them to connect more deeply with the Brand.

Selling NFTs

mbf-lifestyle is a unique and creative company that uses archetypes to inspire people to see the world in a new way. Claude Edwin Theriault goal is to help people find their true dead calm identity and connect with others in a meaningful way.   He believe that archetypes are key in understanding the human psyche, and we use them to create products that resonate with people on a deep level.

Our  goal vision is to create a community of people who are actually interested in exploring the depths of the human psyche and connecting with others on a profound level for real.

 See what the RSS feed has written on the wall and 1st page Google

Nordic Inuksuk-Stone Mandela can take you there, rotating at the breath rate of your heart beat. So you can attain creative flow states faster 

Allowing see more parts of themselves that maybe they hadn't considered before; viewing something represents the eternal characters that exist within the psyche of humanity

in what psychologist Carl Jung called the collective unconscious through time.

Get the edge on what savvy NFT collectors look   for in this new 2023 bull run market

Long before the arrival of Clearview AI and its databank of all our facial recognized Images; there were the ones already in our heads

It has been part of the heroic symbolist operatic narrative for millennia.

Where another story is going on beneath the surface something even more so in the AR VR realm of the metaverse currently being built. The NFT designs of MBF-Lifestyle are perfect for the Game of Thrones meets visual mantrra mandellas , inspired by golden ratios in sacred designs , with Kaballah,tree of life, Torah  flowing right through it all ; Housed in an ERC 1120 Ethereum  blockchain  smart contract, all dressed and good to go on out on the digital art opensea platform.

Create and sell 3D nft art in this new art world

Part of the dream consciousness has another narrative running parallel to the on canvas story.

From early Nova Scotia Folk Art Inspiration/ Shamanic First Nations/Symbolist paintings/ current NFT design experience motion graphics that will serve as extensions of personal Avatars, by being the clansman crest/Coat-of-Arms that define the VR/AR meta-reality/Metaverse neighborhood.

Munit Haec et Altera Vincit style justà screamin``

Louvres-Nuit-Blanche-Extasis -Petros-eni Peter is here amongst us Golden ratio balance that weaves through the narrative

The bottom line is “connection” to the audience, differentiation to stand out in the crowd, in this realm personalities have more possibilities since they are not only unique but more memorable.

MBF-Lifestyle – How selling NFT 3D Crypto Art is Changing the Future of Gallery Spaces forever

As mainstream art galleries fall by the wayside, MBF-Lifestyle is paving the way for a new era of immersive gallery experiences. With our revolutionary 3D motion graphic art, we're providing an experience that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Our art and brand design graphic industry will see more change in the next 5 years than what we have seen in the past 500 – and it's all thanks to our innovative approach to 3d model brand storytelling and consumer marketplace interaction via the create and sell as you mint away at token creation of nft artwork that delivers utility value.

New art expression now part of a metaverse marketplace

The art community is asleep while Claude Jockeys for his options for selling nfts, by using blockchain digital ledger to ensure provenance and long 80,000 year proof of stake. Something you simply do not find in the brick and mortar galleries up in the electrifying capital.

Bottom line on NFTs  is they represent a never seen before new ways of brand storytelling and consumer interaction, the two main pillars of an effective marketing strategy; since way back in the beginning a long time ago.

Since good storytelling is without boundaries ; it simply  connects the physical and digital worlds; visual narrative never goes out of style, it is as old as ancient cave dwellers huddled by the fire.

Neuro-Genesis-LÌndustrie Patrimoine et Claudio Big Divide Nordic dual Rotating Tonal to Nagual time flow

With the current Uranus Pluto alignment happening in the new bull market that carries the new sense in aesthetics this time around .

A change in the eye of the collectors , this they are finding in the eclectic sacred design archetypal designs of Claude of MBF-Lifestyle giving sensual form to what is part of the collective critical mass thinking we are all felling as we this new web3 art renaissance; which is not like traditional art we have known.                           This crypto art community is reflective of what the collective social consciousness wants to see and identify with in a digital display, since screens are the new canvas. And a  popular crypto wallet is the new nft marketplace services broker; from nft trading to gaming industry

Humble submission sheltered by Inusuk tundra plains and te 1416 sacred design golden ratio that runs right through it

Motion graphics also engage and keep millennials, viewers, attention in an age where we have but seconds to engage them in the initial Dopamine released point of initial visual contact; so as to convey the prevailing sentiment of these times.

Who are the crypto artists?

Crypto artists, are people who use blockchain technology to create a distinct asset  digital artwork and non-fungible tokens NFTs you buy with a crypto wallet. All in the new digital marketplace on an nft marketplace platform like Binance or Coinbase.

The MBF-Lifestlyle 3d NFTs are unique digital assets in this new art world; that can be used to represent physical or digital art. These tokens are minted and stored on the blockchain, giving them value and ownership. This new form of  art is a way for artists to become part of the digital world, allowing them to create unique pieces of art that can be bought and sold through a marketplace.

Freemason eye in the Providence Sky Monolith...just a Shinin'

Collectors can purchase these tokens as a form of ownership for the work and trade them in the open market like any other cryptocurrency. With artists creating unique pieces of digital virtual reality art, it has opened up new opportunities for creators to monetize their work in ways never seen before. By using tokenized assets on the blockchain,  have been able to revolutionize how we think about art in the digital age.

Not like traditional art yet akin to and alongside ,just in a new world order Game of Thrones style.

Can crypto art be copied?

No it cannot; it has an irrefutable  down to the second time stamp record at etherscan that gives it proof of ownership to the one holding the URL address called public key as well as the private key password.

Hibernia Neptune Titan platform for transhuman morph: and the race that builds it.

Someone can see or copy and paste a copy on their profile like any other work of art, however the one with the big long public key is the tried and true owner.

Part of the functions on the blockchain network  giving industry 4.0 digital transformation; ability to be created and sold in the form of the almighty nft token standard ERC-721. This new  art is essentially a form of digital asset which is unique and cannot be replicated with the security and privacy of digital.

Therefore, it is impossible to copy once it has been minted, it exists as a unique item in the digital wallet supports kind of way that works. This makes it extremely valuable as it adds scarcity to what would otherwise be a mass produced piece of artwork. Furthermore, NFTs are stored by the blockchain and can only be accessed with an authenticated private key, meaning that only the owner has access to buy and transfer their artwork on blockchain with ETH gas prices that vary ,it is wise to watch for optimal price ranges being to your advantage.

Ying-Yang-Wrestlers-in-Mantra-Mandala Has golden ratio written all over its visual code with great potential for gaming mindset players

As such, people who  it have complete control over how their work is used or shared - something that traditional forms of art often lack. In summary, it can not be copied due to the unique nature of NFTs and the use of blockchain technology to store them securely in a digital wallet.

How to Create Art for NFT that Stands Out?

Creating art for NFT can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. When you do a visual presentation of something in a way that has never been done before that is art that stands out. Remember it has to tell a story like never been done before, that will increase your chances of selling as it moves the cultural envelop forward

To make art that stands out in the marketplace, you need to start by understanding the basics of NFTs, including how they work and what types of assets are available. When creating  for an NFT, consider making it unique and one-of-a-kind by incorporating 2D or 3D elements into your artwork. For example, if you want to sell NFT art  that is more than just a single image or video file, you can create 3D models or use pixel art to create a more realistic and immersive experience for buyers. From vintage art to modern the platform allows designers to monetize anything digital.

Additionally, when creating artwork for your NFTs, keep in mind that they will become part of the real-world token trading community ecosystem once they are minted on the marketplace. This means you should ensure the artwork is of high quality and reflects the value of the non-fungible tokens being produced. Finally, don't forget to market your work as an NFT artist on social media platforms and other forums so potential buyers can find your artwork quickly and easily!

Why Should You Mint and Sell Crypto Art in the nft marketplace ?

Selling  can be a very rewarding experience artists and physical makers can`t match.With 5-10% every single time it resells in perpetuity...that has provenance clout Claudio wants

But you don't have to be a 3D concept artist, MBA in Biz-admin and physical designer to understand how to reach your audience.

Just taking advantage of the blockchain technology,MBF-Lifestyle is the first of its marginalized asset class that actually makes sense of the pattern interrupt; and yet delivers a utility value use out of it as a soothing therapeutic visual mantra mandala to have and to work with.

MBF-Lifestyle concept artist and physical makers alike; all can create and sell digital assets that are secured with cryptography eco-system out on the opensea.io horizon.. These assets, known as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), are unique, indivisible pieces of art that cannot be replicated or counterfeited. With this new art form, you can create and promote your work without worrying about copyright infringement issues at time of sale . Additionally, NFTs provide proof of ownership and make it easy to transfer works of art between interested parties without needing a third party intermediary. Selling is relatively simple and it also has the potential to exponentially increase the value of your work as the market grows in size and demand increases.

How come you never call me...`DIONYSES of thee I dream. 3D-motion graphic brand logo design beyond mainstream.

All in all, selling 3d nft art in the crypto world is an excellent way to capitalize on the growing interest in cryptocurrency while simultaneously showcasing your creative abilities.

Can I make money when you sell NFT art as a 3D artist?

Yes, 3D artists can make an NFTs. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a new type of digital asset that allows digital artists to sell their work and earn money from it. NFT artwork is created by digital artists who create unique and original art pieces, which can then be bought and sold in a special NFT marketplace. The artist will receive royalties each time someone buys their work, so they can make money on the work they produce. As long as the artist has a good portfolio of artwork to showcase, they could potentially make some decent income in the NFT marketplace. Of course, just like any other business venture, success is never guaranteed - but with the right skills and dedication, 3D artists can certainly make money on NFTs or die a tryin

Does the NFT art industry have longevity?

It sure does; the Ethereum chain my work is on will be there a long time as will the parrallel coded as per Satoshi lui-meme BSV chain I have a shinin' to.

Breath in through the nose out through the mouth Visual mantra mandella Wicca Masculine Magick

NFT art industry is a relatively new phenomenon, just like Time Bernard Lee and hi first html code 1991, but there is real potential for it to have longevity.with the critical mass adoption on use new blockchains are established with the cross chain to have interlopability from one to another.

Claudio simply gives shape and form to a form and shape narrative of what Blockchain meaning the digital ledger this intellectual property is built on. Proof of artist work that what is says is of worthy to notice and notice to worthy...yo honey.

Narcissus and Echo while the ShininÀlbiino wood snake lies asleepin`

Mainstream loves to call it defeated , since the mainstream is but a mere puppet to the Agenda 21 cyclic oligarchs  that want to buy all of it for Blackrock clients.